Am Mittwoch, 12. November 2014, 14:07:17 schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> Well, the one thing going for CRAN is that we're including it as a repo, 
> anyway.

true, but the overhead of *publishing* all our packages there would be 
enormous. right now we can package and publish everything ourselves. if we 
were using CRAN, every single package would need to go through the CRAN 
review, and they usually find some little detail they don't like (half of the 
time it has nothing to do with the actual package quality, more like "we don't 
want it, don't do it"). then you need to repackage and resubmit, again wait 
for the review, and they'll find something else (like a README file they don't 
understand, so they want you to remove it)... sometimes that's great quality 
control for actual R packages, but we don't even ship R code. i can imagine 
what the reply would be to our initial submission ;-)

i think it would be impossible to have a package like rkwarddev on CRAN, 
because it uses functions from the rkward package, which in turn is not on 
CRAN (hence their buildbots would fail). i highly doubt that the CRAN 
maintainers would allow rkward to be published there, nor what it would imply 
for users running older versions of RKWard if they upgrade to the newest 
rkward package.

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