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Am 09.02.2021 um 17:26 schrieb Dick:

as a potential user this project makes me extremely tired. in 2000 or something like that i was excited because  afvree windows replacement would be there...... it is 221!!! years later and there is...... still nothing, jst deep alpha as stated in last email. and 0.14 woudl have even regressions for 0.4.13. wouldnt it be more smart to finally build a timeline for this all? or to discuss the fact if this project makes any sense yet, it seems just a waste of time this way. when things go on this slow when will reactos 1.0 finally be there? in 2050? who cna tell if we even run software on a laptop or pc than, if there is even a device available on which this will runn at all or if there would be one singel user wanting to use something not totlaly ai-driven? reactos was ment as a user-project, like ubuntu for many users as their desktop os. now it is just some fun for a few devs resulting in nothing usable after 20 years. what is the idea behind this? if i was the maintainer of this project i would state this:
we can do 2 things: 1. work hard and build version 1.0 in 5 years from now
or 2. stoop this waste of time of running behind the facts and having to rebuild it everytime agian because the project goes to slow for hardware it is written for to end up in a museum before somethign happens.
as an end-user i am highly disappointed in this project.

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