Hey Victor,

Thanks for bringing up that topic again. Indeed, it's really time for 0.4.14..

I want to get forward with the release, hence I tend to vote for 1.
However, it's also wrong to just ignore Joachim's tremendous work in compiling the list of regressions, and his valid concerns.

Which is why I suggest a compromise: Let's come together next weekend (20/21 February) and try to kill as many regressions as possible: https://reactos.org/wiki/Tests_for_0.4.14#known_unfixed_regressions_in_descending_order_of_introduction

It may or may not work, but then we have at least tried everything we can as a volunteer-driven open-source project.

Who else is going to join?



Am 09.02.2021 um 16:47 schrieb Victor Perevertkin:

It seems for me that it's time to bring up the topic about our RC
version - 0.4.14.

Our current "stable", 0.4.13 was branched on 30 September, 2019
(remember those peacefull pre-COVID times :D)
That's quite some time, but not the main issue I'd like to discuss.

0.4.14 was branched on 24 April, 2020. That's almost a year already.
And we're in a difficult situation here - there are regressions, but
nobody fixed them within this long time.
According to https://reactos.org/wiki/Tests_for_0.4.14, there are 29
unfixed regressions found for this release. I'd like to point out: most
of them are among usermode and non-kernel/driver functionality, and as
our development is mostly focused in the kernel right now, it's
unexpected for them to be fixed unless a volunteer comes up.

A quick reminder. Our "releases" mechanism is useful for finding
regressions in the first place, there is no that much benefit for users
here, because we're still a "deep" alpha. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Joakim made a great job finding all regressions, and this work won't be
lost in any case.

We can't wait forever and I think it's time to resolve this situation
somehow. I see two options:
1. Release 0.4.14 as-is. There were a lot more buggy releases, nobody
dies from this.
2. Skip 0.4.14. This already happened once in the history of the
project - 0.3.2 was skipped. I wasn't around at the time, but I may
guess that reasons were similar to what we have today.
(3.) Fix the bugs quickly. I don't expect this to happen, but who
knows, maybe a volunteer appears :)

Let's vote. This seem to be the only way for us to decide on things.
Votes from the team members will be collected until 1 March.


I personally vote for skipping the release. The work on finding
regressions is already done, so the most important part of a release
cycle for us is there (thanks Joakim!)
If we do a release now, all the stuff we were writing in news reports
for the last 6 month would be missing from it. That would cause (as I
think) a lot of confusion to people. Moreover 0.4.14 is not that
featureful release itself (compared to 0.4.13, which brought the new
USB stack)
So I suggest to move on and start checking 0.4.15 for regressions. I
expect quite some of them to appear and we need time for fixing.


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