Colin, I think he was just living up to his name!

On a more serious and on-topic note…

Releases for ReactOS are, at least at this point in time, much more a publicity 
and advertising event, rather than an actual usable product. The fact that 
ReactOS is “deep alpha” means that there shouldn’t be any real expectation that 
the software is in any state usable, and if you’re planning to use it for any 
“real” work, frankly, you’re stupid.

As such, I personally believe it’s much more important for publicity, and to 
keep the project in the public eye, to release “something”. Understandably, 
many of the recently touted features won’t be available in the 0.4.14 release, 
but adding a comment in the release notes pointing to nightlies for the latest 
features isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

I can understand the idea of skipping the release, and i don’t think it’s 
particularly a bad idea, if 0.4.15 would be branched simultaneously. As i said 
before, releases are good for publicity, and it’s very important to have them 
to keep the project in the public eye. Therefore if it is decided to skip 
0.4.14, a 0.4.15 release should be fast-tracked in it’s place.

Therefore, my uneducated and, frankly valueless opinion (given i’m not a dev), 
is to skip 0.4.14 and branch 0.4.15 almost immediately, or if that’s not 
feasible, release 0.4.14 as soon as possible.

-Josh Rice

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