from Colin Finck:

> This is not the kind of participation that has any place on the mailing list
> of an open-source project.
> Unsubscribed and blocked that person.

> Colin

> Am 09.02.2021 um 17:26 schrieb Dick:

> > Hi,
> > as a potential user this project makes me extremely tired. in 2000 or
> > something like that i was excited because  afvree windows replacement
> > would be there...... it is 221!!! years later and there is...... still
> > nothing, jst deep alpha as stated in last email. and 0.14 woudl have even
> > regressions for 0.4.13. wouldnt it be more smart to finally build a
> > timeline for this all? or to discuss the fact if this project makes any
> > sense yet, it seems just a waste of time this way.

First of all, I sent the wrong message a couple times, to ros-general.  Now for 
the intended message:

I have been idle with ReactOS because of no place to put it, and ReactOS's 
inability to boot from a USB stick.

I can't install ReactOS on hard drive because of lack of GPT.

I would need to be able to use ROSBE and write the result to a USB stick to 
boot, but don't think that is workable.


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