Quoting "D. Michael McIntyre" <michael.mcint...@rosegardenmusic.com>:

> The most notable change for this release is a feature we hope you   
> will find to
> be completely transparent.  Tom has labored for months to get through a
> gantlet of challenges and deliver automatic MIDI channel allocation.  Instead
> of having a permanent, fixed relationship between, for example, instrument #1
> and channel 1, instruments float by default, and grab channels on an  
>  as-needed
> basis.

Forgive me for not sounding enthusiastic, but if that's doing what it  
sounds like it's doing, won't this only work on multitimbral  
synthesizers which support the full 16 channels, right?  Most of mine  
aren't and don't.

I have about 6 synthesizers, of which only the Korg and the JV1010  
have full channel support.  The others are monosynths or have  
dedicated channel assignments and so many of them are daisy-chained,  

Port 1:
   Roland MVS-1 (ch1-6, ch10)
   Cheetah MS-6 (ch15)
   Waldorf Pulse (ch16)

Port 2:
   Waldorf MicroWave (ch1)
   Hammond upper manual (ch2)
   Hammond lower manual (ch3)
   Hammond bass pedals (ch4)
   Mellotron (ch5)

> You may experience minor problems with existing compositions.  If so, these
> problems can usually be solved by setting certain instruments to   
> fixed instead
> of auto.

Is it possible to disable this behaviour by default?

J P Morris

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