The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 12.04 of 
Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux.

Ted Felix and Tom "Tehom" Breton did the biggest part of the work that went 
into this release.  Ted is a masochist who enjoys the challenge of cleaning up 
Rosegarden's enormous and complicated code in order to make it less buggy, and 
much more sensible.  Tehom is a visionary who comes up with crazy complicated 
ideas, and then actually goes off to get them to work.

The most notable change for this release is a feature we hope you will find to 
be completely transparent.  Tom has labored for months to get through a 
gantlet of challenges and deliver automatic MIDI channel allocation.  Instead 
of having a permanent, fixed relationship between, for example, instrument #1 
and channel 1, instruments float by default, and grab channels on an as-needed 
basis.  As control over a channel passes from one instrument to another, the 
controller state is preserved such that problems with sustain controllers, 
pitch bends and so on getting out of sync should be eliminated.  Segments may 
be moved about freely with no concern about the pitch bend in this one 
conflicting with the pitch bend in that one, even though they both reside on 
the same track.

You may experience minor problems with existing compositions.  If so, these 
problems can usually be solved by setting certain instruments to fixed instead 
of auto.

===== Major Changes =====
  * Code cleanup, commenting, and simplification
  * Extensive reworking of certain aspects of the track editor to enhance 
performance, improve reliability, and reduce bugs
  * Fix for bug #3466912
  * Fixed a crash when adding a track after going from record to stop
  * Fixed a crash on add track, undo, redo, load RG sequence
  * Fixed a track label clobbering bug
  * Miscellaneous bug fixes.  (r12815, r12816, r12842)
  * Fixed a bug where icons were not appearing on the instrument popup menu
  * Fixed a bug where two tracks with the same instrument could be armed at 
the same time
  * Added some missing GPL license text
  * Fixed a static init order bug that would cause playback to not work for 
some users
  * Handle tempo ramps during MIDI export
  * Handle ornaments during MIDI export
  * New logical instruments that allocate channels on the fly

Michael did not do a good job of tracking changes for this release, and would 
like to apologize for any work he has omitted from this release note.
D. Michael McIntyre

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