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"D. Michael McIntyre" <michael.mcint...@rosegardenmusic.com> wrote:

> On Tuesday, May 08, 2012, j...@it-he.org wrote:
> > Is it possible to disable this behaviour by default?
> No, but please do experiment and see how you fare.  The theory is you should 
> only experience the minor inconvenience of having to go set a bunch of things 
> from 'auto' to 'fixed' and you should be on your merry way.

Yes.  Unfortunately it meant having to set ALL of them to fixed, but it was
possible to get it to work in the end.  I wouldn't have thought that an override
to force all instruments to be Fixed would have been a terribly complex job,
but then I haven't looked at the code yet.

Basically, it took down the seven(!) synthesizers in my rig which weren't
fully multitimbral (why the MVS-1 only listens on ch1-ch6 I have no clue).

The JV1010 is fully multitimbral in theory, but in practice some sounds
(like the lead sound on the song I tried) will only work correctly on
channel 1 owing to some quirk of the voice architecture.  Likewise, the
Korg Triton is multitimbral in Song mode (which I use most of the time),
but when put into Program mode to use its onboard effects engines properly,
it will listen on channel 1 only.

On the song I was playing, I had three sounds off the JV1010 - the lead organ,
bassline, and some tubular bells.
I set the lead organ to 'Fixed' and Rosegarden promptly sulked and wouldn't play
the bass or bells either until they were all set to 'Fixed' as well.
At first I assumed that having some channels locked but not others makes the
voice allocator wig out, but it hasn't done that again since, so I don't know.

Once they were all set to 'Fixed', it worked happily, but the default behaviour
does only work on workstations, most of the expensive specialty synthesizers,
e.g. anything made by Hammond, Cheetah, Waldorf, Creamware, Moog and probably
Nord as well is likely going to have to be set to Fixed.

Granted, if you're not daisy-chaining them and have exactly one machine per
MIDI interface, you could set most of the the machines into OMNI mode anyway
and it would work out of the box, but I do wonder if it's worth adding a FAQ 

If I hadn't caught the announcement and found out the hard way, I would have
gone mental...

Maybe something like:

Q: My synthesizer won't work with Rosegarden 12.04 or above
A: If it's set to respond on a specific MIDI channel, try setting 'channel'
   to 'Fixed' instead of 'Auto' in Rosegarden's Instrument panel.


Anyway, that's what I've found.  Other than that it seems to be working
fairly happily, I will have to look at installing it on the 'production'
laptop as well.


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