On Wednesday, May 09, 2012, Martin Tarenskeen wrote:

> "auto" setting does and how/if it works, and why the default behaviour is
> "auto".
> I guess the feature was invented to solve a known sequencing problem ?

More or less, the feature was invented to solve the problem of what to do when 
you've got, say, a bunch of pitch bends in this segment, and a bunch of pitch 
bends in that segment, and in the course of editing, you drop both of them 
onto the same track at the same time.

What you'd get before, both segments are playing through, say, General Midi 
Synth #1, which was linked to channel 1.  The pitch bends would walk all over 
each other.

What you get now, instrument #1 might actually use two or more channels to 
reproduce whatever it has on the table that needs reproducing at a given time.  
Each of those segments would wind up playing on a different channel.

That's kind of the gist of it anyway.  I didn't invent or develop the feature, 
and it isn't solving any problem that I considered particularly important 
myself.  I more or less gave Tom the OK to play with his idea, and after he 
went off and poured an ocean of time into working through this immensely 
complicated thing, I couldn't very well tell him we had to leave it stuck 
rotting in a branch.

I did the best I could to work through using it and make sure everything was 
still going to work on the far side of this giant sea change in how Rosegarden 
works under the hood.  We went back and forth for a long time, and he kept 
hammering on it until I was finally satisfied we could try releasing it.

I consider it highly experimental, and am very open to how users in the field 
think this ought to be refined.  I do feel like it's fundamentally workable at 
this point, and I'm much more interested in thinking about ways to solve any 
remaining problems than I am trying to figure out how to revert all of this.  
It's not technically impossible to go back, but it's wildly impractical.  It 
was a pretty big change.  It took him months to get this done, and it had 
impacts in dozens, if not hundreds of places.

So for starters, I'd say there's a request on the table to add some kind of 
global "always used fixed instruments" override.  I'll pass that along.
D. Michael McIntyre

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