I tried MusiX-2 and it was the first time I could get Rosegarden to work 
really. There seemed to be no support at that time and I let it go. Also tried 
Ubuntu-Studio-12.04 and it worked fine but having been spoiled I have a hard 
time doing what I want in any Debian-based system so I keep it as a stby. My 
primary system is OpenSuse which is very easy and clean to use but Rosegarden 
could not be used on it at all with Jack until version 12.2 when the devs 
really put it all together eventhough Suse is not known as a MM strong distro. 
I now CAN set it all up with Qsynth, qjackctl, Zyn  (and Pulse uninstalled). 

There is one residual pissoff issue withit it though and that has to do with 
jack connections I think. A lot depends on the shutdown sequence, I ususally 
disconnect all in qjackctl and then shut down the apps in the group. If I mess 
this part up, or every time some of them just crash, then a real mess ensues 
requiring at a minimum a KDE reset, sometimes SEVERAL complete reboots on az 
Asus Crosshair-IV system with two onboard sound devices. KDE seems to be 
screwed up as to which can or cannot be used until it gets sorted out after 
several reboots. Now that I've heard about MisiX-3 I'll sure check it out too. 
Meanwhile I 'd love to see one of the RG devs adopt OpenSuse as that would 
likely make my life easier :-)

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