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> There is one residual pissoff issue withit it though and that has to do with
> jack connections I think. A lot depends on the shutdown sequence, I ususally
> disconnect all in qjackctl and then shut down the apps in the group. If I mess
> this part up, or every time some of them just crash, then a real mess ensues
> requiring at a minimum a KDE reset, sometimes SEVERAL complete reboots on az
> Asus Crosshair-IV system with two onboard sound devices. KDE seems to be
> screwed up as to which can or cannot be used until it gets sorted out after
> several reboots.

I'm not familiar with the quirks of various distros (I've been with Slackware
for quite a while now), but the problem you describe sounds like it might be
the work of "udev."  udev works at bootup to dynamically assign names to
various interfaces as the kernel discovers them.  The problem is that multiple
interfaces of the same type are not always discovered in the same sequence and
can end up with different names each time the machine boots.  Naturally this
breaks any setup that requires some sort of naming consistency.  Although I've
never had more than one sound interface, I have experienced much grief with
multiple ethernet cards and cdroms.

udev has a rules file (usually somewhere in /etc) where it allegedly supports
persistent rules, designed to circumvent this sort of nonsense.  But
"persistent" rules are of little value when udev can simply replace them (on my
system at least).  The only way I found to achieve a stable setup was to write
one final udev rule that fires a script that overwrites the new persistent rules
that udev has likely just written.

With any luck you will find a distro that doesn't exhibit this behavior.

Tim Munro

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