On 02/23/2013 04:41 PM, k...@trixtar.org wrote:

> I tried MusiX-2 and it was the first time I could get Rosegarden to
> work really. There seemed to be no support at that time and I let it
> go. Also tried Ubuntu-Studio-12.04 and it worked fine but having been
> spoiled I have a hard time doing what I want in any Debian-based
> system so I keep it as a stby.

Hmm, haven't had problems making Debian do what I want. Haven't looked 
at SuSE for ages.

< My primary system is OpenSuse which is
> very easy and clean to use but Rosegarden could not be used on it at
> all with Jack until version 12.2 when the devs really put it all
> together eventhough Suse is not known as a MM strong distro. I now
> CAN set it all up with Qsynth, qjackctl, Zyn  (and Pulse
> uninstalled).

Sounds exactly how I have my Debian systems' set up. ;-)

> There is one residual pissoff issue withit it though and that has to
> do with jack connections I think. A lot depends on the shutdown
> sequence, I ususally disconnect all in qjackctl and then shut down
> the apps in the group. If I mess this part up, or every time some of
> them just crash, then a real mess ensues requiring at a minimum a KDE
> reset, sometimes SEVERAL complete reboots on az Asus Crosshair-IV
> system with two onboard sound devices. KDE seems to be screwed up as
> to which can or cannot be used until it gets sorted out after several
> reboots. Now that I've heard about MisiX-3 I'll sure check it out
> too. Meanwhile I 'd love to see one of the RG devs adopt OpenSuse as
> that would likely make my life easier :-)

I don't waste system resources on KDE (especially 4). My usual shutdown 
process: close Rosegarden. Close Zyn/Yoshimi/Fluid/etc. Stop JACK using 
QJackCtl. Close QJackCtl. Shutdown with no problems. Basically, the 
reverse of the process I use to start them.

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