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> On 02/23/2013 04:41 PM, k...@trixtar.org wrote:
> > I tried MusiX-2 and it was the first time I could get Rosegarden to
> > work really. There seemed to be no support at that time and I let it
> > go. Also tried Ubuntu-Studio-12.04 and it worked fine but having been
> > spoiled I have a hard time doing what I want in any Debian-based
> > system so I keep it as a stby.
> Hmm, haven't had problems making Debian do what I want. Haven't looked 
> at SuSE for ages.

If you saw the stuff I have set up you'd understand but it's not 
an RG topic so I won't go into it here in detail. As one example 
I have 300 or so custom scripts to mount/unmount partitions on 
dedicated mountpoints, start windows by first of all copying-in 
from a sterile archive, start-stop apache etc. etc. etc. all of 
these are in a nested dropdown menu in the panel just one click 
away :-)

I've spoiled myself rotten, Suse is no screaming hell MM-wise but 
I am for the time being on the hook 

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