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Ted Felix <t...@tedfelix.com> wrote:

> On 07/17/2017 07:12 PM, chuck elliot wrote:
> > so it looks to me that under 16.02 RG sends out program change
> > messages according to what's set up in the studio every time
> > you press PLAY.
> > 
> > Under 17.12 RG does not send out program changes when you press
> > PLAY...  
>    I've confirmed this.  16.06 is the first version that doesn't send 
> out BS/PCs when play is pressed starting from time zero.  This feels 
> wrong to me.  I need to track down what changed and why.
>    I did notice that BS/PCs do get sent out on load.  So, try this... 
> Make sure your synths are on and connected.  Try loading a different .rg 
> file (even just a File > New should do), then load the .rg file that 
> talks to the M1 and M3.  This should cause BS/PCs to go out and your 
> synths should be set up properly at this point.
> Ted.
I seem to remember something about this.

The problem was that if your synth stored bank settings as part of its setup
if Rosegarden then changes that to what it considers a default, any later
program changes will come from the wrong bank. This becomes worse for modern
synths that recognise both bank LSB and MSB (most of the older ones didn't).

If you are working on a project and keep going back to the start, it gets
mighty annoying if Rosegarden keeps resetting everything, especially if you are
*not* doing any bank/program changes and want to keep the synth's last manually
configured settings.

It seems every sequencer taks a different approach to this. One (that shall
remain nameless) instructs the synth to load it's preserved state file, then
immediately proceeds to change everything!

Defensive measures we've had to employ with Yoshimi are a group of switches
that can be set to independently ignore bank MSB, bank LSB, program change,
reset all controllers.

There was something similar with volume and pan when you have multiple segments
on the same track. These would be reset every time a new segment started while
actually playing the whole track.

MIDI a standardised control system that nobody actually agrees on!


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