That has turned up some interesting findings:

under v16.02 selecting [no port] for the relevant M3 bank
does not send any PCs and nor does switching it back to 
the midi port. I see only ALSA ports being subscribed etc.
(filtering other midi messages)
This version send PCs whenever a new segment is encountered
during playback too.
It is presumably sending PCs on load too so that my M3 is set
up to start with.

under v17.12, selecting [no port] for the M3 bank sends out a
complete set of PCs for the M3 which sets up the M3 nicely!
such that when it is reconnected to midi it plays all the
correct instruments (but reconnecting does not send PCs).
This version does not send PCs on play it seems. 
The one thing that is not clear to me at this point is why
the 'send PC on load' in this version is succeeding with the
M1 but not with the M3 ???

I note what Michael has said about sending BS/PCs and upsetting
hardware configurations but it seems pointless to me to have 
instrument settings in a sequencer if you cannot use them to
configure your whole setup centrally. I don't want to have to
manually configure each hardware device for voice every time I
load a composition. For those that don't want or need RG to
configure their hardware an appropriate send filter ought to
be able to cater for that no?


On Tue, 2017-07-18 at 10:58 -0400, Ted Felix wrote:
> On 07/18/2017 05:36 AM, chuck elliot wrote:
> > It seems that BS/PCs are sent out on load (v17.12) and my M1 responds to
> > these correctly but for some reason the M3 doesn't receive them.
> > 
> > I haven't been able to confirm this using kmidimon because loading
> > a file resets the internal connections and disconnects kmidimon.
> > 
> > Is there a way to load a file without resetting connectiions?
>    No.  However, you can resend the channel setups (BS/PCs) by changing 
> the port for the M3 and changing it back.  You might be able to do this 
> after you've got kmidimon hooked up and see if it works and what it is 
> sending.  Or you could switch to kmidimon, then switch to the M3 under 
> the assumption that the same things will go out (which is probably a 
> good assumption).  If everything looks good and the M3 doesn't respond, 
> then something we're sending is confusing the M3, or the M3 isn't 
> responding to PCs.
>    Studio > Manage MIDI Devices.  Select the M3-EDS (I assume) in MIDI 
> Playback.  Change the port to [No Port] and back to the proper 
> interface.  At that moment (or very soon after), a set of BS/PCs should 
> go out.
>    I did some light digging and only noticed two changes related to 
> CCs/BS/PCs between 16.02 and 16.06.  Neither of them mentioned taking 
> away sending of BS/PCs at playback.  Looks like I need to bisect.
> Ted.

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