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Lorenzo Sutton <lorenzofsut...@gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi Will,
>On 02/04/2018 19:36, Will Godfrey wrote:
>> Would some kind person please provide a way to switch this off, or at least
>> make it *much* slower and less aggressive.
>> Today I was editing multiple tracks in the matrix editor and it was driving 
>> me
>> nuts. It is especially bad when moving notes pitch-wise :(
>Just curious: when you say "multiple tracks in the matrix editor", you 
>mean literally more than one track all 'merged' into one matrix window?

No, to be clear, I have several matrix editors open and flip between them when
making corrections, or adding harmonies.

>And what exactly do you mean with auto-scolling (not the follow playback 

With stationary matrix windows I drag notes around with the mouse; pitch,
position, length, and with the velocity controller showing also drag those -
sometimes singly, sometimes groups (thanks for getting the groups sorted guys).
When I'm in the 'grove' I move about quite fast, and the existing high speed
scroll when you get even remotely near the edges, can suddenly dump you three
octaves away - or a dozen bars :(

If Ted can fix this he'll be my hero for life :)

Will J Godfrey
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