On 04/18/2018 05:46 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
Fantastic! This is a much appreciated and needed feature IMHO.

  You're not the only one.  Let me know what else you want.

I have noticed two things though:

1. On the machine I tested CTRL+wheel up zoomed out and vice-versa. Is that intended? In most applications (e.g. browsers, text editors, but also DAWs) it is usually the reveres...

No, I just coded it up directly and that's what happened. I will reverse it.

2. If 'manually' set a vertical zoom level and then do CTRL+ wheel that vertical zoom level is reset to the default: bug?

Sounds like it. Kind of surprising as I think the code only touches the horizontal zoom. Not sure how the vertical zoom is getting messed up. I'll look into it.


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