I have a M-Audio Venom that I have been trying to get to work with Rosegarden for some time now. Over 2 years off and on.
When I play the Venom all by itself it works fine.
My goal is to create tracks in Rosegarden and have Rosegarden play my M-Audio Venom.

Here's what I do:

I connect my Venom to the USB port on my computer and turn on the Venom.

I have the Venom audio output connected to an amplifier same as I always do.

Then I start Rosegarden.

I have downloaded a rdg file and placed it in ./.local/share/rosegarden/library/M-Audio-Venom.rgd
I go to Studio->Manage Midi Devices, it sees the Venom as:
     Available outputs: 20:0 Venom MIDI 1 (duplex) - 20:1 Venom MIDI 2 (duplex)      Available inputs: 20:0 Venom MIDI 1 (duplex) - 20:1 Venom MIDI 2 (duplex)

MIDI Playback says Rosegarden playback device: Venom  Sends its data through 20:0 Venom MIDI 1 (duplex)

From there in MIDI Playback->Banks I import the M-Audio-Venom.rgd
Now in Manage MIDI Banks and Programs I can now see all the banks that are in my Venom.
Back in the main Rosegarden window, I select track 1.
In Track Parameters I choose Device: Venom, Instrument: #1 (Venomous Bass)
In Instrument Parameters I select Bank: Single Bank A, Program: 1. Venomous Bass, Channel: Fixed

So far so good!

Using the Matrix Editor I put some notes into track 1.

When I click play I'm greeted by silence. I do not see any lights flickering on the Venom to indicate that it is receiving MIDI events.

I have read over the Venom manual. It talks about global settings for Local and MIDI Out. I have tried all 4 possible combinations without luck.

This is probably a simple thing that I misunderstand or am simply overlooking.

Can anyone here fill me in on the missing link(s)?



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