On 09/01/2018 06:44 PM, Dennis Kaptain wrote:

I have downloaded a rdg file and placed it in ./.local/share/rosegarden/library/M-Audio-Venom.rgd

Where did the file come from? I see we ship Rosegarden with a file by this name, but I tried looking through it to see who created it, and discovered that it's totally corrupt gibberish. Going all the way back to the file's beginning, it has been garbage since day one. The only info I have about it that offers a clue who to contact is "Gary G." Well, that's a dead end.

It sounds like there's a better version of M-Audio-Venom.rgd out there, and I should update our repository.

In any case, since finding the author of the .rgd file turned out to be a dead end, all I can suggest is that somebody in 2012 reported joy connecting to a Venom using a standard MIDI cable instead of USB. He used a dedicated USB MIDI interface to make the connection. It looks like support for the Venom was always patchy, if it ever worked at all, and it looks like the hardware was discontinued and abandoned by the manufacturer years ago, so ALSA never got proper support for it going. That's what it looks like at a casual glance anyway. I didn't do a deep dive.

D. Michael McIntyre

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