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The problem is how to continue with old songs made for the two-port studio setup? There are at least these possibilities:

1. Settings: always use default studio when opening songs.

That option came about when I raised these same issues with the original developers.

Device configuration should be detached from sequencer work, it makes very little sense anyway. Firstly mixing the terms device and port. One MIDI port can feed many devices (synthesizers) by daisy chaining (or other splitters/processors), so it's not rational to think about a MIDI port as a "device".

I raised such arguments with the original developers. Part of the solution to understanding what they were thinking with this design is to understand what "device," "port," and "instrument" mean within Rosegarden's framework. My attempt to explain this to users was the foundation that developed into the book I wrote.

Rosegarden was originally trying to pretend there was no such thing as a "port." It was supposed to be a more friendly model that abstracted certain concepts and hid them from the user for ease of use, or something like that. It's fair to say I disagreed with it philosophically, but by the time I arrived on the scene, it was well established. In the years since, I pretty much just learned to deal with it.

I haven't thought about this in so long I'm not in a good position to explain it now. I'm pretty sure the explanation I wrote back then in about 2004 is available on the wiki somewhere.

Just to be able to send MIDI out, I need to define a device, but defining a device requires defining patches as well.

That's a problem I was trying to address with the all-numbers.rgd and raw-numbers.rgd contained in the collection of devices that ships with Rosegarden. I'd say their usefulness in the real world has been less than I would have hoped.

At this point in the game, I definitely have no interest in rearranging a model that has been in place for 20 years, and I have had similar problems working on old files with other software.

I mostly work with audio now, and I mostly use REAPER on Windows. At one point, I doubled the size of my recording rig and rearranged what microphones were connected to which inputs. If I load files from before that change, everything is hooked up incorrectly, so if I want to go in and record new material, I have to spend some time making adjustments manually.

When I load old files into Rosegarden, everything is hooked up incorrectly, and I usually just spend some time making adjustments manually.

I think the bottom line is that working with old files in anything comes with a set of issues you just have to deal with.

With that being said, one of the tools I have used is to go hack the XML manually. I have occasionally managed to cut XML out of this file and paste it into that file without breaking things.

I'm curious if other users have come up with better solutions than mine over the years. If I was an expert once, I'm certainly no longer an expert. I haven't thought about these problems in years. I definitely feel your pain here. This is exactly the issue that sucked me into contributing to this project, and eventually resulted in my becoming a developer here. A frustrated, burnt-out, retired developer who didn't achieve most of his goals, I might add. This stuff is hard.

That's why I pay somebody else to write the software now, and even then.
D. Michael McIntyre

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