>    Actually, upon further thought, you can create a Device for each
> synth and assign multiple Devices to the same port.

Indeed, good points.

With daisy chaining there's always the need of setting the channels
correctly in each physical device - which I did, and now I really got a
hard one: should I expand the limited per synth settings (allow more
channels on each device)? Will it create problems in the future?

I have two multi-output devices. Yamaha TG33 (the one that doesn't listen
"All notes off", but luckily rg sends note offs at stop, hooray!)  has four
physical outputs. Yamaha V50 has two outputs assignable, and I've decided
to have MIDI channels 5 - 8 in use. Channel 5 is assigned on the "L"
output, others to the "R". That way, in my analog mixer, I can have dry and
wet sounds mixed form a single synth. If I add more channels for that
synth, I get a question how should I assing the L/R split? If I mix the
settings freely, I get away of remembering that in rg by naming the tracks
wisely (L/R appendix or dry/wet). But for other uses, it may not be that

If, OTOH, I keep the current 5 = "L" / 6,7,8 = "R" channel split, all my
old songs would work fine as they are, even if I have more channels

This is no way related to the rg problems I started to write about, but as
this is a user list, I thought why not to write :) For a short moment I
thought what if the device setup could incorporate division into physical
outputs per device... but more options tend to have negative effect on

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