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I'm having problems with my changed hardware synth studio (physical MIDI ports) and continuing the old songs. I have found and tried different ways to migrate songs to new studio, but none of them seem to work well or at all.

I would just create the studio from scratch and assign each track to the proper device/channel. This might be a rather large undertaking, though.

2. Open the old song and then import a new studio from a newer RG file.

I tested this with a very simple (one Device) setup. It worked fine for me. RG assigns all Tracks to the first Device it finds. This is probably the best guess it can come up with. So, then it should be a matter of assigning the Tracks to the proper Devices/Channels.

You mentioned that with one of these approaches (2 or 3), you ended up only with "one port of the new MIDI device". That certainly sounds like a bug that would be easy to track down and fix. Was that this case? Can you provide more details so I can try to reproduce this and fix it?

3. Import song to the default empty studio project.

I'm not sure how you did this. I tried doing this with File > Merge > Merge File... Is that what you tried? For me, it did nothing. I ended up getting an exception thrown and caught in RosegardenApplication. (I'm running a debug build, so that might be why I didn't crash. Still, it was a std::bad_alloc which is probably fatal at some later point.)

Was this the case that crashed for you? Crashes are certainly cause for concern, so I'll have a closer look. If you can give me more details of the crash you encountered, I'd appreciate it. Would like to get it fixed before the 19.06 release if I can.

Device configuration should be detached from sequencer work, it makes very little sense anyway. Firstly mixing the terms device and port. One MIDI port can feed many devices (synthesizers) by daisy chaining (or other splitters/processors), so it's not rational to think about a MIDI port as a "device".

This is a good point. RG restricts the user to one synth per MIDI port. That's unrealistic. The concept of a synth needs representation in the Studio. I'll open a feature request.

If no settings are found, so what? Just display patch numbers.

  See Feature Request #455:



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