Ted -- this is the one that didn't make it, it seems Reply went to the author 
instead of the list -- I should watch for that.

On Friday, May 22, 2020 10:58:05 PM david wrote:
> On 5/22/20 3:02 PM, Ted Felix wrote:
> > Just posted some new ideas for the rosegarden app icon on the wiki.
> > Head over to the logo page and have a look at the pdf at the top. 
> > Then let me know what you think.  We can discuss here on the list or
> > send me an email directly if you prefer a silent ballot.
> > 
> >   https://www.rosegardenmusic.com/wiki/rosegarden_logo

I find people that don't like top posting, others don't like bottom posting, so 
I took this opportunity to "middle post" ;-)

From the peanut gallery:

Of those shown, I like #1 the best (oh, I've finally learned what people mean 
when they say hashtag -- to me, that #1 is "number 1", not "hashtag 1" ;-)

In contrast to David's comments, I don't like #5 -- I like the keyboard, and 
might like #1 better if it incorporated a keyboard.

Something in your post, or David's comments gave me a mindset that the icon 
should include a rose -- I don't know if that is really appropriate / 
required, but nothing in #5 looks like a rose to me.

#9 has some appeal to me, I like the roses, but something about it isn't quite 
appealing -- maybe I'd like it better if the stems were under the roses rather 
than on top, and maybe triplets with different notes (i.e., the roses not all 
in a line but staggered (or ascending or descending).

> Thanks for sharing!
> Opinions by option number:
>  1. I like this. Clearly a rose, with the stem curling around. Doesn't
>     say anything about music, though. I like #5 better.
>  2. Looks OK. The square frame looks like a frame rather than a rose
>     stem, if it's intended to look like a rose stem.
>  3. Looks like 3 tulips to me, not roses. So far, I prefer the
>     single-rose designs. With or without a solid background.
>  4. NO, just no. Not roses, looks like bars or some completely-different
>     flower.
>  5. Interesting! Kind of an abstracted or deconstructed rose that I
>     recognized right off. Adding the piano keys shows that it's a music
>     program. I like this one best so far.
>  6. NO, no, no. Yuck. Not even close to a rose, nothing about music in it.
>  7. Abstracted geometric rose that seems to me to be more of a Star of
>     David. Doesn't say "rose" or Rosegarden to me.
>  8. Even more abstracted "rose" that doesn't communicate rose,
>     Rosegarden, or music to me.
>  9. Cute, but just, no. A couple of rosebuds, has music notes, but the
>     music notes don't look particularly good to me.
> I like #5 so much I just might screen grab it and use it for my
> Rosegarden icon here. Are the source files (preferably SVG) available?
> PS: You're the first person I've ever met that uses Ubuntu's desktop,
> particularly the Gnome3 version. ;)
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