Since Chris Morrow ( and I wrote to the list,
I see two votes have been added to the poll:

   "morrowc.lists"  [OK]  [OK]

   "rw"             [OK]  [  ]

I have not voted in this poll.  There's only one person I can see who
has written to the RRG with initials "RW" - Rolf Winter in August
2008.  I am inclined to think that based on my last message, someone
added this vote and used my email account name.

I would only vote in something like this if I understood the second
question and was sure that everyone else who voted and who will vote
understands the question in the same way.  Without this, the results
for the second question are not a test of agreement at all.

Didn't anyone else think the second question was ambiguous,
nonsensical or whatever?  What did people think they were agreeing or
disagreeing with by answering Yes or No to the second question?

Ran, can you explain the second question in a more detailed manner,
with an example?

What implications do you see from some or many people agreeing to the
first question and agreeing to the second?

What implications follow from agreeing with the first but not the second?

  - Robin

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