I'm sure one of the experts will have a better answer, but two things come to mind as options to explore: 1) Use --fuzzy twice so files which are the same but possibly with different names and locations are synced 2) Use some sort of symlinks on the destination so the names actually match (these could be added and removed right before and after the rsync respectively if you don't want them around later.) Symlinks are tricky with rsync. You have to set the options right, so I'm not sure of the exact details.

On 06/07/2015 12:38 PM, Gionata Boccalini wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm new to this mailing list but I have been using rsync for some years up to now. I'm trying to synchronize two directory trees, but I want a special behavior that I didn't find on the net nor in the manual (or maybe there is a combination of options to get what I want but I couldn't find it).

Tree A is like:


And tree B (on a remote filesystem) is like:


I have to synchronize everything in one rsync run, like
rysnc  -arv  A/  B/

but I want FolderA to be synchronized with FolderB.
They must contain the same files but have a different name! I want something like a "directory name translation" in the rsync run... Is it possible? Do you see any another way of doing this? (A part of using two rsync runs....) Please let me know if I didn't explain the problem correctly or you need further information.
Thank you for your attention and time.
Best regards.

Gionata Boccalini/

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