I've been tasked with migrating a smallish (@90 mailboxes) company from
a linux/dovecot mail server to Office 365, and after experiencing a ton
of issues with Microsoft's native Imap syncing tool, I decided to use
Imapsync, and it is working perfectly.

It has the ability to add a simple regex translation for mapping folders
of different names - mainly used for the special use folders that can
have different names depending on the server/client involved.

Ie, dovecot/Thunderbird use 'Sent', 'Trash' and 'Junk', while
Office65/Outlook use 'Sent Items', 'Deleted Items' and 'Junk Emails'.

So, a few simple regex lines in the ImapSync commandline options and
problem solved:

--regextrans2 's/Sent$/Sent Items/' \
--regextrans2 's/Trash$/Deleted Items/' \
--regextrans2 's/Junk$/Junk Email/' \

I do use a few more to catch a few other cases, but you get the idea.

I'd be surprised if rsync can't do something similar?


On 6/7/2015 12:38 PM, Gionata Boccalini <gionata.boccal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm new to this mailing list but I have been using rsync for some
> years up to now.
> I'm trying to synchronize two directory trees, but I want a special
> behavior that I didn't find on the net nor in the manual (or maybe
> there is a combination of options to get what I want but I couldn't
> find it).
> Tree A is like:
> A
>   *
>   *
>    FolderA
>   *
>   *
> And tree B (on a remote filesystem) is like:
> B
>   *
>   *
>   *
>    FolderB
>   *
>   *
> I have to synchronize everything in one rsync run, like
> rysnc  -arv  A/  B/
> but I want FolderA to be synchronized with FolderB.
> They must contain the same files but have a different name! I want
> something like a "directory name translation" in the rsync run...
> Is it possible? Do you see any another way of doing this? (A part of
> using two rsync runs....)
> Please let me know if I didn't explain the problem correctly or you
> need further information.
> Thank you for your attention and time.
> Best regards.
> /_______________
> Gionata Boccalini/

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