2016-12-01 12:55 GMT+01:00 Rainer Gerhards <rgerha...@hq.adiscon.com>:
> 2016-12-01 11:54 GMT+01:00 mosto...@gmail.com <mosto...@gmail.com>:
>>> because a syslog message contains tag.
>> mind-blowing explanation :P
> Well, as the property is already there, why would you like to have a
> config parameter for something that by definition will never be
> needed?

Ahhhh, I think I just understand where we have the misunderstanding:

im(p)tcp by definition processes syslog messages
imfile by definition processes text file lines (which are NOT syslog messages)
so im(p)tcp always has a tag, and hence needs no config parama
where imfile by definition does not have a tag and thus needs one configured.

Does that help?
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