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Il mercoledì 1 giugno 2016 alle 11:57:13 CEST, Shawn Moore ha scritto:

> This is the first we’ve seen of this error. :/ If you can send over a stack

> trace that will help track it down. Adding this to your site config will do

> so:


> Set($LogStackTraces, “error");

OK, I put it in. Fortunately the error is quite sporadic (one or two times a 
day), so it will be sometime before I get a stack trace.

Where do I find stack traces when they are generated?

> > I am having difficulty understanding where the problem is (what's the

> > meaning of "ticket groups"?) and hence how to solve it.


> Ticket groups are the groups that contain AdminCcs, Ccs, Requestors, etc.

Uhm. The only thing I can think of is that I have added a custom role. Maybe 
this is the thing that's giving me problems?

Apparently however the custom role is behaving well.

> Do you have any customizations? Which extensions are installed? And which

> database are you on?

I have these plugins:


Plus, I have a few customizations:

- show status and priority in color

- my own 

I am on mysql 5.1.73 (CentOS 6.7)

Thank you!


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