Le 04/01/2017 à 14:02, Alex Hall a écrit :
> Can you describe your setup more? I'm not sure why unprivileged users
> would need access to all queue tickets, or why each user would have
> their own queue? As I understand it, unprivileged users are end users
> (i.e. customers, those who don't work for your organization). Thus,
> they shouldn't be able to access an entire queue, only tickets they
> open. Make them privileged, and restrict their rights by adding them
> to a certain group, and your life may be a lot easier.
Yes! In the begining, that's what I tried to do. Restrict privilieged
users. But I didn't find how restrict the access to the SearchUser.

A member of a queue can search and view all users.

In my setup, a queue and group, are dedicated to a customer.

A customer should not be able to fetch other informations that are not
inside of their queue. Thus, not be able to search all user in RT database..

Maybe, it's possible to limit the search function to their queue or
desactivate the access to the menu search. Do you know about that ?

> For example, you might have a group called "basic users" to which
> you'd add the users you currently consider unprivileged. That group
> would have only a few rights, but since its members would be
> privileged, you wouldn't run into RT's built-in restrictions.
> As to one queue per user, that would quickly get hard to manage.
> Queues are for organizing tickets and users. Sure, a queue may have
> just one user, but each user shouldn't have their own queue. Trying to
> keep track of the rights of such a setup would be a nightmare,
> assuming you have a good amount of users. As an example, we have
> queues for technology, warehouse, customer service, and other
> divisions within the company. Some queues have a lot of people, some
> have a few, butthey are all logical groupings of tasks. If I made a
> new queue for every user, I'd have dozens of them, and tickets would
> be all over the place! Plus, there's email to consider; if you want to
> accept incoming emails for ticket replies, you have to make a new
> Fetchmail or Postfix entry for every single user/queue you have.
> I hope this makes some sense. As I said, a lot of this depends on your
> usage pattern and setup concept. If you can explain that to us more,
> we might be able to help better.
> On Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 3:57 AM, Felix Defrance <fe...@d2france.fr
> <mailto:fe...@d2france.fr>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     You right, this rights isn't checked.
>     But I can't view all tickets in selfservice anymore.
>     I verify the same rights in :
>      Admin > Queue, "select the queue name" and  Group Rights, select
>     and grant "unprivileged users" to Seequeue & Showtickets
>     In the same section:
>      grant group "compagny name" to Seequeue & Showtickets
>     But no effect.
>     I try to add a user to watchers 'CC', and grant watchers 'CC' to
>     Seequeue & Showtickets but no effect too :(
>     Another ideas ?
>     Thanks,
>     Félix.
>     Le 03/01/2017 à 18:39, Alex Hall a écrit :
>>     Have you granted the rights? In Admin > Global > Group Rights,
>>     select the "unprivileged users" tab, then grant "view queue".
>>     That should help, though our setup is quite different so I can't
>>     verify it.
>>     On Tue, Jan 3, 2017 at 12:27 PM, Felix Defrance
>>     <fe...@d2france.fr <mailto:fe...@d2france.fr>> wrote:
>>         Hi all,
>>         I don't find how I could add ShowTickets or QueueList in
>>         SelfService.
>>         I want to allow my unprivileged users, grouped by company
>>         name, to see all tickets in their queue.
>>         The group rights on the queue is correctly defined and users
>>         could access to the tickets by entring the ticket number in
>>         the "goto Ticket" field (top right in SelfService).
>>         I have tried to play with CustomRole but it's not working for
>>         me. So anybody known how I can do it?
>>         Thank you,
>>         -- 
>>         Félix Defrance
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