On 2016-10-17 15:27, Erik Bray wrote:
What problems does it solve?  First of all, I already mentioned
one--nobody but the "release manager" knows when a release is expected
to come out

Who cares when a release is expected to come out?

what the purpose of that release is, and what one can
expect to be in it.  That's a problem in of itself.

You are talking about a user-centric Changelog here? That's indeed something that is missing, although I consider that a different issue from a roadmap (a Changelog is made after the fact, a roadmap before).

How do you
communicate to users how often/when they can expect releases?

Do users care?

also, do you communicate that to developers?  How is one supposed to
know the urgency of an issue if one doesn't know the release schedule?

I my opinion, the urgency of an issue should never depend on the release schedule. It should be the other way around: the release schedule should depend on the urgency of open issues.

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