On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 3:44 PM, Jeroen Demeyer <jdeme...@cage.ugent.be> wrote:
> On 2016-10-17 15:27, Erik Bray wrote:
>> What problems does it solve?  First of all, I already mentioned
>> one--nobody but the "release manager" knows when a release is expected
>> to come out
> Who cares when a release is expected to come out?

I would think anyone who uses or works on Sage.  If they don't, they
should.  A transparent release cycle is sort of at the heart of
software product development--everything else stems from that,
including more immediately important things.

>> what the purpose of that release is, and what one can
>> expect to be in it.  That's a problem in of itself.
> You are talking about a user-centric Changelog here? That's indeed something
> that is missing, although I consider that a different issue from a roadmap
> (a Changelog is made after the fact, a roadmap before).
>> How do you
>> communicate to users how often/when they can expect releases?
> Do users care?
>> How,
>> also, do you communicate that to developers?  How is one supposed to
>> know the urgency of an issue if one doesn't know the release schedule?
> I my opinion, the urgency of an issue should never depend on the release
> schedule. It should be the other way around: the release schedule should
> depend on the urgency of open issues.

No, sorry, but that's completely backwards.  Or at least it would be
if Sage had a sane process for issuing patch releases.  If a critical
bug is found in released software it makes absolute sense to
prioritize a release for that bug.  You can't do that if all
development is in one linear branch and making a release to fix a bug
does not force other, non-critical, non-fix changes on users.  It's
also harder for developers because it makes a blocker issue becomes a
blocker to continuing much any development, as well as releases.

A lot of the problems with working on Sage, as we know, is the tight
coupling between Sage itself and its build environment and dependency
set.  It is universally acknowledged that this is a problem and should
be worked on.  It is difficult to do this without establishing some
better procedures.

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