On 15/10/16 03:28, Victor Shoup wrote:
After much foot dragging, and with the help and encouragement of folks
here at sage-devel,
I've finally got around to making (nearly) all of the packaging/build
features that were requested.
The big ones are locally generated libtool and $(MAKE).
I did not implement that Singular/NTL_NEW_OP patch --- that is a
Singular problem
that should be fixed in Singular.

Hum, not sure it is fixed, but something that look new happened :)
NTLconvert.cc: In function ‘CanonicalForm convertZZ2CF(const NTL::ZZ&)’:
NTLconvert.cc:509:38: error: invalid static_cast from type ‘const raw_ptr {aka _ntl_gbigint_body* const}’ to type ‘long int*’
       static_cast<long *>( a.rep.rep ); // what about NTL7?
Makefile:1205: recipe for target 'NTLconvert.lo' failed

This is building singular 4.0.3p3. Haven't tried a build including
the old to see if that makes the problem go away.


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