Hans does seem to fix most bugs that are reported unless they require 
extensive rewriting or aren't considered bugs. It looks like this code was 
written with the expectation that it would be maintained, so I'd just 
report it to him [1].


[1] https://www.singular.uni-kl.de/index.php/singular-report-bugs.html

On Tuesday, 18 October 2016 06:18:58 UTC+2, Victor Shoup wrote:
> I see.  I don't do it on purpose... 
> I looked at some singular source files, but I don't know if I have the 
> most recent. But it looks like they are trying to look inside ntl's ZZ 
> representation.  That's a big no no. Right now, the only semi efficient way 
> to do this with the existing interface is to use ZZToBytes (or something 
> like that).  I could add some special routines for direct gmp bignum 
> conversions, if there was a demand for that. 

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