I just uploaded NTL v10.1.0.

After much foot dragging, and with the help and encouragement of folks here 
at sage-devel,
I've finally got around to making (nearly) all of the packaging/build 
features that were requested.
The big ones are locally generated libtool and $(MAKE).
I did not implement that Singular/NTL_NEW_OP patch --- that is a Singular 
that should be fixed in Singular.

I also added a new TUNE variable to the configuration script.
TUNE=auto (the default) runs the performance-tuning wizard (as before).
TUNE=x86 skips the wizard, and sets things up so it should work well on any 
TUNE=generic skips the wizard, and sets things up so it should work not too 
badly on
  any not-too-old hardware (ARM, PowerPC).

Please see http://shoup.net/ntl/doc/tour-changes.html for more details.
I also polished up the installation documentation quite a bit.
Please see http://shoup.net/ntl/doc/tour-unix.html for more details.

Please let me know if there any issues with the packaging/build features.

Maybe some day I will get around to going fully autotools.
But that will take some tinkering to get right...hopefully, this new build
system will be pretty useful "as is".

Again...thanks for your help and encouragement!

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