Thanks for the endorsement. 20 odd years of doing stuff, and still going – with 
a few announcements soon about some new stuff that I’m tinkering away on. Next 
up will be SAM Revival issue 26… then after that some hardware…


(Who’s not got SAM Revival issue 25 yet? It’s up on eBay with £1 off at the 
moment… :)


(And if you have got 25, have you found the hidden part buried inside 
MNEMOtech’s Stars and Sprites megademo? No? Well, you are missing out on Andrew 
Collier’s fantastic coding with his brilliant SAM version of Pang)


All the best,




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Yes, I’ve buyed two for mine too from Colin and all works well.

Very professional guy, a MUST in Sam Coupè world ;)

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