Always worth bearing in mind that the Citizen disk drives used by MGT/SAMCo 
were made around 1989-1991 or thereabouts, they were discontinued very early in 
SAM’s life so are getting on for over 25 years old! The belts will be perishing 
quite a bit and becoming slack, unfortunately I’ve not been able to get 
reliable replacements for a few years – not found another that I was 100% happy 


The only solution I currently offer is my replacement disk drive system based 
around a modern PC disk drive and a new controller board -> <> 


Also, if of interest to anybody here I do have a couple offers on some hardware 
goodies and a bundle of SAM Revival magazines on the go at the moment -> <> 




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if the disk drive is older - like 10 years or more - could be the belt drive 
needs replacing as this is the most

common fault with older SAM Coupe disk drives - you can get these from Colin 
Pigot (drive belts and also disk drives) >>



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I usually clean all my drives heads before use it but the original Citizen 
drives have problems with the BELT.

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Benvenuto Paolo,

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> Hello,
> I've a problem with the floppy drive of my sam coupe.
> Typing BOOT or some other command for disk gives me this error "55 
> Missing disk, 0: 1".
> But on manual the errors list ranging from 1 to 54.

No, that's an unfortunate omission from the manual.  Drive belt has been 
mentioned, but it can also be something fishy with the power supply, e.g. not 
delivering enough voltage to the drive.  In very rare cases it can also be the 
disk presence switch which is faulty.  But before you start opening up too much 
- are you sure you are using the correct bay?  On SAM Coupé drive 1 is in the 
left bay, while on SAM Elite drive 1 is in the right bay.



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