Always worth bearing in mind that the Citizen disk drives used by MGT/SAMCo 
were made around 1989-1991 or thereabouts, they were discontinued very early in 
SAM’s life so are getting on for over 25 years old! The belts will be perishing 
quite a bit and becoming slack, unfortunately I’ve not been able to get 
reliable replacements for a few years – not found another that I was 100% happy 


The only solution I currently offer is my replacement disk drive system based 
around a modern PC disk drive and a new controller board -> <> 


Also, if of interest to anybody here I do have a couple offers on some hardware 
goodies and a bundle of SAM Revival magazines on the go at the moment -> <> 




Quazar : Hardware, Software, Spares and Repairs for the SAM Coupé

1995-2016 - Celebrating 22 Years of developing for the SAM Coupé

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if the disk drive is older - like 10 years or more - could be the belt drive 
needs replacing as this is the most

common fault with older SAM Coupe disk drives - you can get these from Colin 
Pigot (drive belts and also disk drives) >>


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