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>Compiling manually can indeed be painful. Two questions for you:
>- Are you sure that all the features that you are trying to enable will be
>needed in your script? You might not actually need jack or ao..

Ah yes, compiling is right up there with pushing camels through eyes
of needles (LOL).

I thought about eliminating jack, since it's a virtual machine on
which I am attempting to compile Liquidsoap, and it appears jaqck is
needed for, well, audio hardware, like speaker and headphone jacks,
which this machine certainly doesn't have. So I commented out the
lines in PACKAGES that reference ocaml-bjack and ocaml-ao. running
configure again got me this at the end:

checking whether pkg-config knows about gstreamer-1.0... configure:
error: gstreamer-1.0.pc not found.. Do you need to set

So I went back and looked at what ocaml-gstream was for, decided I
didn't need it, re-ran configure, it couldn't find taglib, so
installed taglib-devel. Definitely moving forward.

Now I'm down to this:

checking whether pkg-config knows about shine >= 2.0.0... configure:
error: shine.pc not found.. Do you need to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH?

OK, back to PACKAGES; Says shine is used for fixed-point MP3 encoding.
Sorry, been dealing with MP3's since they were invented, but never
heard the term "fixed-point MP3 encoding" before, so I looked it up. I
couldn't find an explanation for the term, but I did find many
references to shine. I tried to look it up using yum, no soap (liquid
or otherwise). No such package.

>- Have you looked at using opam? opam can sometimes help handling external
>dependencies (though in case of RPM I don't think that it knows much about
>them) but also, compiling with opam makes things much easier in general.

I don't know anything about opam--what it is, what it's used or good
to be used for, etc.

>2016-09-15 15:46 GMT-05:00 Steve Matzura <>:
>> OK, it's getting better. I found the odd names of missing packages,
>> reconfigured and installed what need reconfiguring and installing, and
>> now I'm at this point:
>> checking whether pkg-config knows about jack... configure: error:
>> jack.pc not found.. Do you need to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH?
>> I'll search more, but so far have not found an answer. Help
>> appreciated.
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