hmm, i don't know either.
simpler radio seems to be okay, but more complicated one has this memory leak just now i restarted a process after it ate 8 GB of RAM (it starts just shy of 40 MB and you never know when it starts to tick up steadily as sometimes it decreases a bit too, but once it starts to grow really high there's nothing to stop it) and when that happens sometimes even the process becomes unstoppable, the only way is to kill it. maybe my script is flawed but it used to work on the old version and telnet also used to work fine on old version.... it also seems to be using memory for real, as when it eats up all physical ram, then the swap file starts to grow ;O yet the old version had other bugs - long file playback was flawed, flac stream harbor inputs would hiccup sometimes... now with this new version those things are fine.
so we're kind of getting there ;)

maybe you'd like to see my script, that is scripts of both radios and see maybe some module invokes that memory growth. they share basic structure, but one has multiple input harbors, dynamic processing, silence cutting....


-----Original Message----- From: Romain Beauxis
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Subject: Re: [Savonet-users] Liquidsoap windows builds are back! / memory leak

Thanks for your response. I'm still quite puzzled by this issue to be honest. Memory management is one of the core and solid feature of the OCaml compiler and there hasn't been any issues with other architectures. Either the cross-compiler has something seriously wrong or there's something specific about the way win32 reports memory usage.

I wonder if there are any other users here using the recent win32 builds and experiencing similar issue.


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