My toolchain for building a complete Samba 4.1.4 on Scientific Linux 6
is available at  It's set up to
set up a local yum repository for the necessary dependencies, and uses
the EPEL published tool "mock" to build the toolchain in a clean local
environment without accidental and incompatible system integrations.

Hi Nico,

Thank you for the offer.  Got me to thinking.  Whenever I come
across a Windows Active Directory (AD) server, I think under my
breath "Why would you do that to yourself?".  What a slow,
cumbersome, clunky mess.  Within the first ten minutes of
discussing a Windows server with a client, I inevitably
get asked how to speed it up.  I have to tell then that
that is just the animal they are dealing with.  If I can
set up a Windows server with the least amount of services
running on it, I do.  I love it when they don't want AD.
(Most of my customers seldom have more than five workstations.)

Okay, I do realize that Linux's stability and practicality is
far superior to Redmond's stuff, which is why I prefer Linux.
I see Linux as pretty much customer driven, as opposed to
driven by the greatest, most effective marketing department
in the history of free enterprise.

Question: what do you see as an advantage of Samba's AD over
just using Samba as an old fashioned Domain Controller?

I take it old-out-of-date (SL) isn't supporting Samba 4 yet.

Many thanks,

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