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I take it old-out-of-date (SL) isn't supporting Samba 4 yet.

Nope, it's in Fedora and RHEL 7 beta and places .like my github repo.

What would you think of just doing a fedora 20 server,
instead of suffering with all the out of date stuff
on RHEL?

I can't hope to stabilize servers for Fedora. The churn of packages
and interdependencies is just too fast, and Fedora releases expire too
fast for the business environments I deal with (such as the
international software deployment I'm up with right now, which is why
I'm up at 4:00 AM)

Hi Nico,

Depends on what you mean by "stabilize".  I am the one
who reported the bug in the CentOS 5 where cutting a
DVD corrupted your hard drive (Red Hat found it and fixed
it for me -- try that with Redmond's stuff).  I almost
lost my business -- twice!  (I, fortunately, am a backup
whore and love dump and restore.)

I have never considered RHEL to be a stable platform
(cut a little DVD, trash a little hard drive, almost
lose your livelihood).  RHEL for me has always been
that it is an excellent enterprise platform.

The out-of-date drives me a bit nuts: samba 4.1.4 being
a good example.  I understand why they do it.  I just
think they should get off the butts and move a bit faster.
Criminy, I can't even run the latest Xfce on it!

I have to download the Firefox and Thunderbird binaries,
so I can support my Windows customers.  And I don't buy
the backport garbage.  They backport when they feel like it.
For Instance, is your Firefox running TLS 1.1 or 1.2?
There is a reason for keeping your browser updated!

I downloaded and installed Samba 4.1.3 in a FC20 VM.
Those turkeys left out all the active directory stuff!


Guess I will have to migrate my Samba 3 on my host sl6.5
to Samba 4.  Probably time anyway.


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