Re: [Evolution-hackers] Making the editor component replaceable (some first idea's, overview what would need to be done)

2005-10-20 Thread Robert Staudinger
On 10/18/05, Kaushal Kumar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:


on a first glance it looks possible to fulfill the required features
below. A few questions though:

 Some of my thoughts on replacement of gtkhtml with gecko

 The basic set of features which would be needed in a gtkhtml replacement
 are enumerated below:-

 - Accessibility support

Which gtk/atk interfaces have to be implemented in particular?

 - RTL support
 - Support for editing html objects like frames, iframes, etc.
 - Support for emacs keybindings.

That's probably tedious. Maybe some kind of standalone
filter/translator could be created so this peace of could would be
reusable with other widgets (by attaching it, conceptually similar to
a GtkEntryCompletion)

 - Support for preview and print.
 - Support for html embedded objects.
 - Support for cut/copy-paste, drag-n-drop.
 - Support for images and animations.

What kind of animations? animated gif?, flash?

 - Support for undo-redo.
 - Support for IM.
 - Text justification
 - Find/Replace
 - Dictionary interface
 - Link handling
 - Sub-parts of evolution like calender, tasks, addressbook interact with
 gtkhtml for their stream display.

Best regards,
gtkmozedit maintainer
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Re: [Evolution-hackers] Making the editor component replaceable (some first idea's, overview what would need to be done)

2005-10-16 Thread Tor Lillqvist
On sö, 2005-10-16 at 14:20 +0200, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
 There's however a few issues and things to add:

One more point is that switching GtkMozEmbed will require an unknown
amount of work on the Win32 platform. It might be (relatively) trivial,
or it might be quite difficult. I really can't say yet. How likely is it
that the switch will happen? Would it be feasible to keep support for
both gtkhtml and gtkmozembed in the code, and have them selectable at
configure time?


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