Re: change text color

2000-11-29 Thread James Smaby

I have a simple image.  Layer 1 is a background, layer 2 is some text
that is black.  How can I easily change the color of this text once it's
been committed to the layer?

I prefer using the Curves dialogue.  This way you get to keep your
antialiasing, and you don't need to worry about masks ans such.
There is probably a way that's even simpler, but I've found the
curves dialogue usefull in lots of other areas, so I'm used to it.

RE: Getting Images Into GIMP

2000-11-20 Thread James Smaby

I wonder if anyone knows how to copy an image out of Word doc into GIMP.

Well, you can always do a screen shot.  The problem is probably that word
converts its images to a vector format (wmf or something strange like that).
Check out the edit menu to see if it allows something like "save as bitmap"
(I know mathematica has such a menu).  Good luck.

-James Smaby

Re: recover the alpha transparence of pixels

2000-11-02 Thread James Smaby

This is a little complicated, but bear with me:

1: Desaturate the image (make greyscale while staying in RGB space)
2: Invert the image
3: Copy the image
4: Bring up layers dialogue
5: Add a layer and fill it with red
6: Add a mask to this layer
7: Paste into the mask
8: Apply the mask

That should do it.  If you want to save it as a transparent image
(i.e. kill the background), use .png format as .gif only supports
one alpha bit. Note that not all web browsers support 8 bit alpha
alpha Mozilla and IE do if I recall correctly.

Re: Impossible to move the layer

2000-10-23 Thread James Smaby

Try it with the gimp.  It works last time I tried.

Re: Simple Text with shadow as transparent gif impossible?

2000-10-11 Thread James Smaby

What did I wrong? How can I create a showed text stored in a tranparent
gif where only the Text and the shadow should be visisble.

gif only supports one bit alpha, as you figured out.  If you want a picture
with 256 bit alpha, use png.  Note that support for this on web browsers is
not very good (IE and mozilla support it fine), but it is the only way that
I know of to do it.  Conversly, you could flatten the image and delete just
the background (leaving a light hue around the text), but then why even use
a transparent gif?
-James Smaby

Re: Pdf, eps, ps? (Was: xcf -- eps)

2000-10-10 Thread James Smaby

PDF would be great, so what I now wonder, how good is really ps2pdf? It
can't be Adobe Distiller but does it even does the work properly? Are
vector-graphics converted to bitmaps somwhere in the process? 

I typeset all of my things with plain TeX.  This is much nastier
than LaTeX, but I learned it in a year or so.  I also use ps2pdf
quite often on the output, so that I can print from window boxes
in the labs, and the output is just fine.  The main problem with
the postscript output is that the fonts are bitmaps, so you only
have a set resolution.  I set my default to 2400 dpi which is as
good as any printer I've ever seen.  Postscript figures are kept
as postscript, though.  You can use xfig to get your images, but
I prefer using metapost (which is scriptable).  You can use Gimp
for making bitmaps as well, but you need a fast computer to work
with the kind of resolution you will want (the file size is huge
since postscript isn't compressed).  Imagine a 4x4" picture with
1200 dpi resolution; that's 19200x19200 pixels, and thus hard on
your computer.  Of course if you only want greyscale it's not as
bad (postscript does support color though).

  Next would be the ps2pdf conversion.  This is good, although I
think it only supports something like 600 dpi.  Any vector input
is not converted to bitmap, so resolution is only a problem with
TeX and gimp input (most people post documents on the web at 300
dpi, so resolution isn't really a problem at all).  pdf does use
compression, so your big file sizes will be chopped down a bit.

  If you want to see the conversion in action, I have a few docs
on my web site which I've used these different methods:
They use TeX/metapost, TeX/xfig, TeX/gimp, metapost, and xfig.

  My xpdf doesn't display the fonts of TeX quite right and AFAIK
gv only supports 16 colors but everything prints out perfect and
displays right in Windows.

  So my recomendation is to bite the bullet and learn how how to
typeset.  It really isn't that bad, and your results  will be so
much more beautiful than anything that Distiller puts out.  Hope
this email wasn't too long...
-James Smaby

Re: [Q:] S simple q wrt scaling

2000-10-06 Thread James Smaby

Make sure your image is in RGB format before scaling it.  If you are doing the
scaling with an indexed image, antialiasing can't happen.  You can also scecify
cubic interpolation in your gimp preferences.

RE: Low Quality Gifs

2000-10-06 Thread James Smaby

Are you converting to indexed before or after merging all layers?  The less
colors you give it the better job it can do, so flatten out the colors from
non-visable layers.

Re: SPAM :-(

2000-09-29 Thread James Smaby

...but I bloody don't want to download it. 
There are those sitting on a t3...

Even on a T3, I still don't want to download (well, accept) SPAM
just on principle.  BTW, I don't like for a simpler
reason than advertisments.  I just prefer .org and .edu domains
and think orginizations should shy away from commersial services.

Re: Animations

2000-09-29 Thread James Smaby

It says in the gimp manual.  In the layers dialogue, save the layer
name as foo(200ms) and layer foo will display for 200 miliseconds.
Rather simple really.

Re: How to do this ?

2000-09-27 Thread James Smaby

For the bichromie use `Curves' switching `value' with different colors.
Then just mess with the curve holders until you get what you want.
two down one to go!

Re: Filters...

2000-09-21 Thread James Smaby

Have you messed with gnuplot?  After reading the help (which is quite
extensive) you can figure out how to modify your sin curve as you see
fit.  When you get something you like, just output to a .gif file and
play with it in gimp.  Certainly easier than coding in pascal ;)

Re: Scripts for tabs

2000-09-20 Thread James Smaby

Sure, see


2000-09-12 Thread James Smaby

I say `pong' to your `ping'...  Regardless, I don't think we're
helping the original poster...I've been wondering if there is a
MNG plug-in as well.

Re: Panorama Plugin for Linux Gimp?

2000-09-04 Thread James Smaby

I gave an attempt at compiling this, but it is for gimp-1.0.4
and I am using the latest CVS version.  You don't have to use
the whole source tree to compile it (at least I don't think).
Just compile with 'gcc -c `gimp-config --cflags` *.c' and you
can link it using 'gcc `gimp-config --libs` *.o -o panorama'.
Try it out and see if this does the job.
-James Smaby

Re: sharpen gif ??

2000-08-29 Thread James Smaby

most probably a problem of both gif and the tools you used.

Yes, I agree the tools were a poor choice.  Since this doesn't
solve your problem, just points out a new one, I'll try and be
helpfull by suggesting a new set of tools.  If all you want to
do is add arrows, you can do that from the gimp just fine.  If
you are saving as a black and white picture (somehow I imagine
you are), gif is fine.  This probably will not give you strait
edges without some tweaking, so it may be easier to create the
scanned in image with xfig instead of switching between analog
and digital.  If there is good reason to make your arrows with
xfig, you can import those arrows into gimp.  If there is some
reason that you want to go from gimp to xfig, so can save from
the gimp in postscript, or perhaps even try to convert between
bitmap and vector with autotrace:
Hope that helped.
-James Smaby

Re: FW: button-like effect

2000-08-23 Thread James Smaby

My (and not only mine) disk has limited capacity.
Put the image somewhere on the web and send an URL only.

And some of us check our email at the command line, and seeing
all that garbled mime junk is rather annoying.  If one gives a
URL, I can paste it into netscape.  A mime attachment needs to
be saved, demimed, then viewed -- not something I bother doing
unless it's important.  Set up a geocities account for putting
the pictures if you don't have access to web space.  Thanks!
-James Smaby

Re: Correction

2000-08-18 Thread James Smaby

Well, I played around with it a little.  Exactly how good do you want it?
It is fairly easy to modify levels and colors to get something that looks
okay.  The date can be removed with the clone tool.  Beyond that, it gets
more difficult.  One really has to rebuild the image from scratch to do a
really good job (put different parts of the image in seperate layers, and
then modify them seperately.  If you have a whole role of these pictures,
this could be an rather large project.
-James Smaby

Re: New tutorial at

2000-08-16 Thread James Smaby

Is it just me, or are these CubicDesign tutorials a little too
close to porn howtos?  Must the object of the image touchup be
a large breasted model?  I don't know about most people, but I
don't really want people thinking I'm looking at porn when I'm
really reading about one of these tutorials.  Perhaps somthing
a little safer next time, like a bowl of fruit or a house.  Am
I too nieve to think that half-naked pictures are not the best
thing to use as examples?  If a person is necessary (like when
flesh tones are required as in the latest tutorial), a closeup
shot of Clinton or Gates might make a better picture (no, I do
not want to see them in a bikini (although that might make for
a funny tutorial), I mean a closeup of thier face).  According
to a slashdot observation, apache is the http server of choice
of the porn industry; is the gimp the image editor of choice?
-James Smaby

Re: grays black - color

2000-08-14 Thread James Smaby

Go to Image - Colors - Curves
Change [Value] to the different color channels, and move the ends
of the curve around until you get what you want.

Re: The GIMP v1.1.24 Installation Saga Continues.....

2000-08-12 Thread James Smaby

When I get into these kinds of problems, it sometimes helps to
step back and take a systematic approach at fixing things.  If
the current gtk is getting in the way, get rid of it, and make
it from scratch.  First, uninstall the rpms (you don't seem to
be having trouble with glib, so I would let that be).  Perhaps
rpms aren't the answer (since you're interchanging redhat with
mandrake rpms), so I suggest compiling gtk from source.  First
make _sure_ all the other gtk stuff is gone by looking in your
/usr filesystem for any gtk-like names ('locate gtk' or if you
are mascochistic, 'find / -name gtk'), and get rid of them.  I
don't see why you can't just delete these files, but it may be
wise to move them somewhere temporary just in case.  I suggest
querying the rpms and seeing what files they put where so that
you have a better chance to get them all.  Once your system is
clean, compile gtk (following the same basic steps as for gimp
perhaps specifying --prefix=/usr to ./configure if you want to
put the libraries in /usr/lib instead of /usr/local/lib, but I
suggest the default).  Do a 'make install', and gimp should be
all set to compile...hopefully.
Good Luck!
-James Smaby

Re: The GIMP v1.1.24 Installation Saga Continues.....

2000-08-11 Thread James Smaby

./configure --host=i386-unknown-linux
./configure --host=i386-unknown-linux-gnu

I need to specify this for quite a few things on my alpha (well,
with the obvious change).  Do a "./configure --help" if you want
to see all the options.

Re: The GIMP v1.1.24 Installation Saga Continues.....

2000-08-11 Thread James Smaby

Boy, you're sure having a tough time.  It seems your compiler
is configured wrong (do you never compile things?).  I've had 
similar problems on my SGI (I've actually given up on it).  I
suggest reinstalling the compiler if it doesn't work for other
source as well (if it normall works, I don't know).  Make sure
that the compiler is for your architecture; i686 will not work 
on a normal pentium or K6II.  Given that uname gives out i586,
this could be your problem.  Perhaps somebody else will have a
better idea.

Re: The GIMP v1.1.24 Installation Saga Continues.....

2000-08-11 Thread James Smaby

Well, you're original gtk was the mdk version, right?  If this
is the case, then your `upgrade' using the redhat binary didnt
uninstall the mandrake version first.  I suggest doing this by
hand, then installing the redhat rpm.  I thought both of these
distributions put gtk in /usr, but you may want to see if your
newer gtk-config script is in '/usr/local/bin'  If this is the
case, then you can probably just delete the old file, and hope
things get found okay (that's how my system is set up, with an
old version in /usr/lib, but I don't like it that way).

Re: GIMP v1.1.24 RPM Take 2

2000-08-06 Thread James Smaby

Uninstall the other programs first, or do
rpm -ivh foo-bar.rpm --force

Re: converting to indexed and loss of quality

2000-08-05 Thread James Smaby

The gif format does not support a full alpha (transparency) channel, so
if you want antialiasing, you need to know the color of your background
first, merge it with your text, color-select the background color, then 
delete it.  You should be left with the text surrounded by a little bit
of the background color (actually closer to the text color). 
  The png format does support a full alpha channel, although, only some 
browsers make use of this feature (mozilla and IE5.?).  I don't rely on
it, rather use one bit of transparency and keep the .xcf file around in
case if I ever need to change the background color.  I'm not getting in 
a debate as to what the best format is.  Most antialiasing uses 8 to 16 
colors, so you shouldn't get a loss in quality.

Re: 24bit tga

2000-08-05 Thread James Smaby

24bit = RGB
flatten an alpha that might be there.
Just save in tga format.

Re: Welcome to

2000-08-02 Thread James Smaby

TeX Computer Modern font...

I don't like some of the design characteristics of
cm.  The ff ligature is a little ghastly, and at a
normal pointsize (cmr10) the font is a too `light'
for my taste.  I prefer the good old venitian font
families (notice Google uses one of these in thier
logo).  It would be quite amusing seeing a complex
math equation typeset with Cloister.  I think that
cm is good for math typesetting, but if I am going
to write a letter to someone, it seems too formal.
The reason I suggested Times is because ships with
every OS that I know of.  I also hate Times, and I
cringe whenever I am given an article to read that
uses it (when I'm a prof, I think I'll take points
off for using ugly fonts:).

[I actually use cmr on my website, using plainTeX,
dvips, and gimp's ps importer]

Re: Welcome to

2000-08-02 Thread James Smaby

I noticed that your entire post is right justified...

One of my oddities.  Makes writing emails a little
more difficult (especially when writing with cat).
I believe double spaces are correct for ending the
sentences in fixed width fonts.  One of these days
I'm going to write a long email without the letter
`e' in it...
-James Smaby

Re: Bad rendering of PNG saved from GIMP

2000-08-01 Thread James Smaby

Gamma correction?

when I use some color for background of the image and the same
color for the background of the HTML page and then I try to display the page
in MSIE or Mozilla there is a slight difference in the background color

Re: Bad rendering of PNG saved from GIMP

2000-08-01 Thread James Smaby

Is it just me, or do interlaced png's take alot longer to load
up that non-interlaced?  I'm on a T3, so rendering is normally
where the bottleneck is.  I use Netscape 4.73 on linux, and it
annoys me to the point where I don't do any interlacing at all
on my web page graphics.  Is this just a netscape thing?

Re: Bad rendering of PNG saved from GIMP

2000-08-01 Thread James Smaby

since I lost text-version ability

Who says lynx doesn't support png's?  Lynx actually does a much better
rendering of png's than any `graphical' browser so far!  Of course, it
doesn't really do the rendering itself, but forks the displaying of it
to xv or whatever the person installing lynx sets up as viewer for the
images. (one could set that as the gimp, although that could get quite
annoying loading up the gimp for each image one wants to see).

Re: correcting lighting of photos

2000-07-26 Thread James Smaby

Have you tried playing with 'levels'?

Re: red eye removal

2000-07-21 Thread James Smaby

Check out the plug-in at
Image-Colors-Colormap Rotation...
I just discovered this today, and think
it would be a good tool for getting rid
of redeye (just select the eyes first).
-James Smaby

Re: make seamless horizontaly

2000-07-20 Thread James Smaby

You could, of course, do it manually:
copy the image into a second layer,
flip this horizontally,
add a layer mask,
give the layer mask a linear gradiant.
I beleive the make seamless plugin works in a similar way, only
more complicated because it needs to tile in two dimentions.
-James Smaby

Re: More about compiling Resynthesizer

2000-07-18 Thread James Smaby

You need a c++ compiler.  This should be part of the gcc distribution.  If
you just want a working compiled plug-in, I got a working compile (lots of 
people have been having trouble getting their c++ compilers working right)  
and put it on my website at: 
I also put homogenizer in the same directory as it is also written in c++,
and people may have trouble getting it to compile as well.
If you want a permenant fix, you can download the full gcc distribution at
but first make sure you are using the latest glibc as well.
-James Smaby

Re: Wow! The Resynthesizer

2000-07-15 Thread James Smaby

Just out of curiosity, for all those who are having touble with Resinthesizer,
which compiler are you using?  It works fine on my x86 box with ecgs, however,
I'm having troubles on my alpha using gcc.  At first I just assumed my problem
was having a different architecture (linux programs always seem more stable on
my x86 box), but after hearing that lots of people are having problems with it
I wonder if it might be the compiler.  gcc does tend to have trouble sometimes
at making runnable code (perhaps it's more unforgiving).  I am actualy getting
segmentation faults on quite a few of my plugins.  If I bring up the gimp, and
pick the first plugin I come to (sethspin), I get a seg fault (but typing E at
the console gimp is running on kills the plugin without crashing the gimp too)

-James Smaby

Re: Wow! The Resynthesizer

2000-07-14 Thread James Smaby

I am actually using resynthesizer right now, and while I'm dissapointed as to
its speed (um, can we say days to render?), the output is generally very nice
and seems stable (at least on my x86 box).  I recently emailed the maintainer
to ask if it is supposed to be as slow as I am getting it.  I think that make
seamless is what I should be using (it works much faster), but this sometimes
makes odd-looking tiles, and so resynthesizer is a good alternative (just let
it run over night :)
-James Smaby

Re: Wow! The Resynthesizer

2000-07-14 Thread James Smaby

I downloaded, read the README, and installed Resynth is nowhere to
be found?!

Should turn up in image/filters/map/resynthesize

-James Smaby