>TeX Computer Modern font...

I don't like some of the design characteristics of
cm.  The ff ligature is a little ghastly, and at a
normal pointsize (cmr10) the font is a too `light'
for my taste.  I prefer the good old venitian font
families (notice Google uses one of these in thier
logo).  It would be quite amusing seeing a complex
math equation typeset with Cloister.  I think that
cm is good for math typesetting, but if I am going
to write a letter to someone, it seems too formal.
The reason I suggested Times is because ships with
every OS that I know of.  I also hate Times, and I
cringe whenever I am given an article to read that
uses it (when I'm a prof, I think I'll take points
off for using ugly fonts:).

[I actually use cmr on my website, using plainTeX,
dvips, and gimp's ps importer]

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