Re: [Gimp-user] problem with genius 8x6 tablet and gimp

2010-02-02 Thread Xiella Harksell
Hi everyone, This is my first post to the list and I'm still a GIMP newbie so I apologise in advance if I've violated a posting convention or sound particularly naive. Ohad: The problem is that the x-axis doens't react as it should. for example - if I user a brush tool - I get two cursors -

[Gimp-user] Tablet clicking problems

2010-03-17 Thread Xiella Harksell
Hello everyone. I wonder if anyone is able to help me with two issues concerning my wacom intuos3's behaviour in gimp. I am using gimp 2.6.7, in ubuntu 9.10 with kde. 1. My tablet has worked fine for months now - I do not use the mouse in gimp. I have a keybinding to bring up the tool options

Re: [Gimp-user] GIMP plugin for faking a newspaper frontpage image

2010-03-28 Thread Xiella Harksell
Personally, I thought (and still believe) that this can easily be done using a GIMP plugin in which one somehow selected the parts where the real image was located on the newspaper and then the plugin would perform some magic (skew etc.) to replace it with the other picture. It could be

[Gimp-user] [SPAM] - Re: [SPAM] - Re: looking for binary software to install - Email found in subject - Email found in subject

2010-04-07 Thread Xiella Harksell
John Ma wrote: By looking at your documentation, I found how to resize an image as below, but still looking for the feature hot to resize the background (the underneath layer). Chris Mohler wrote: Have you tried Image-Canvas Size? Branko Vukelic wrote: If you want to resize the background layer

Re: [Gimp-user] [SPAM] - [SPAM] - Re: [SPAM] - Re: looking for binary softwareto install - Email found in subject - Email found in subject - Email found in subject

2010-04-07 Thread Xiella Harksell
layer without affecting other layers, I think you won't find a software package that does that. To resize all layers, though: Image - Scale image John Ma wrote: Thanks for the reminder, Branko. I guess I kind of figured it out now. Have a nice evening ! John Xiella Harksell wrote