RE: Handling uncaught exceptions during event dispatching

2013-06-04 Thread John Smith
RT-30239 Use Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler instead of ExceptionDescribe() to report exceptions It was fixed by Artem Ananiev for Java 8 It links outstanding: RT-30369 Lens: implement RT-30239, Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler

RE: Tooltip is interfering with mouseEntered/mouseExited events

2013-06-10 Thread John Smith
A somewhat related inconvenience I have with tooltips is that if you put a tooltip on a button, then hover the mouse so that the tooltip shows up, you can't click to activate the button unless you move the mouse pixel to left or top because the resultant click will go to the tooltip and not to

RE: Experience with piecewise migration Swing - JFX

2013-06-14 Thread John Smith
+1 to all Scott wrote. There are JavaFX controls that cover *most* of the Swing controls.. but they are not 1:1. There is no equivalent to FormattedTextField for example. SplitPane behaves differently from the Swing equivalent. There are some 3rd party efforts to bridge some of the gaps

RE: WebView and Aloha Editor

2013-07-01 Thread John Smith
Perhaps Fabrizio's selection issues are related to the following issues: Google Docs editing issues Add drawGlyphVector type support to prism graphics -Original Message- From:

RE: How are Mnemonics On Buttons Supposed To Work?

2013-07-01 Thread John Smith
Are you using OS X? For me, mnemonics in JavaFX work on Windows, but not at all in OS X (which is perhaps by undocumented design?). Apple's platform integration guide contains a section on Mnemonics, it based on Swing but I think the concepts translate to JavaFX:

RE: Gradle build, one step forward, two backward :)

2013-07-08 Thread John Smith
I did a search and see in two places, web and graphics modules. Yikes. A related jira issue is = Not able to resolve JSObject.getWindow(this) in a java applet project Caused by a mismatch between the JSObject code included in the

RE: MSAA and Scene anti aliasing

2013-07-15 Thread John Smith
The discussion on choice of anti-aliasing algorithms reminds be me of the cipher suite setup for the jce, which represents this kind of information using String tokens. There you end up with stuff like =

RE: Java Deployment (was Re: JavaFX 8 Progress)

2013-07-18 Thread John Smith
auto updating so people can easily release patch updates Checkout getdown = It's simple, proven open source tech used to distribute the Puzzle Pirates MMORPG which had 4 million accounts and 250 million hours of play time in 2008. Forking getdown, swapping

RE: JavaFX Sightings (forked from Re: Can JavaFX do CAD?)

2013-07-29 Thread John Smith
I think there are two kinds of sightings = a) Small demo apps that show up on blogs. b) Commercial apps or significant A+ open-source projects. I think a Sightings type site should not host both styles, or if it does, it should clearly delineate between the two, so that it is clear to people

RE: Performant Controls (hijacking Re: Developing controls based on Canvas?)

2013-08-06 Thread John Smith
. . . imagine you had to build a visualisation of the same data but in a diagram, maybe something like with x100 nodes, with zooming and panning - could you outline a general strategy? I'd use some

JavaFX CSS significantly differs from W3C CSS (Forked from RE: Proposal to move default style-class from Control to SkinBase)

2013-08-07 Thread John Smith
So if you invent the same node-types you have on the web (lets face it there's only a handful of them most important are most likely div,span) and give them the same properties you know from the web you can copy your Web-CSS stylesheet to your FX-Application. +1 to this idea (in a 3rd

RE: JavaFX Media issues

2013-08-08 Thread John Smith
JavaFX 2.2 does http live streaming: HTTP Live Streaming Support With the addition of HTTP live streaming support, you can now download the playlist file and playback video or audio segments using JavaFX Media. Media players are now able to

RE: JavaFX Media issues

2013-08-08 Thread John Smith
One thing to suggest is that you can install your own URL content handlers / protocols in Java. That won't help in this case unless you replaced the http, file or jar protocol handlers, which would be weird. Only HTTP, FILE, and JAR URLs are supported.

RE: Canvas blowing up (was Re: JavaFX Media issues)

2013-08-09 Thread John Smith
This question was recently asked on StackOverflow as well: How can I free Canvas memory? So others have been running into these kind of issues. Also the proposed clear() or empty() option only applies to Canvas correct?

RE: JavaFX Media issues

2013-08-09 Thread John Smith
So called arbitrary input stream support is among the features for the future. Could somebody post back a reference to the jira, I've seen the feature referred to from other jiras, but I've never been able to find the actual jira reference for this. Thanks! -Original Message- From:

Re: Summary of new features in JavaFX 8?

2013-08-17 Thread John Smith
Here is a link to the current jira generated release notes for JavaFX 8 (it's a humongous list). The majority of stuff in the jira generated release notes is implemented, but some is not and will probably be

Re: Poor quality font rendering

2013-08-23 Thread John Smith
:// (sorry to add another John to the thread to confuse it ;-) Regards, John Smith

RE: 3D Transitions?

2013-08-28 Thread John Smith
What kind of transitions are you interested in, and do you think they should be in an external 3rd party library or the core JavaFX platform? Current transitions are: Basic transforms - these work fine in 3D RotateTransition (works in 3D as you can rotate about any axis defined by a given

RE: PrefWidth/Height calculations only works if stage is shown

2013-08-28 Thread John Smith
Is there any plan to make impl_processCSS(true) public API? Should I create a Jira for this? If there were a public API, would processCSS be the right name for it? The real issue seems to be that you sometimes want to know the size of something before you show it and there doesn't seem to a good

RE: PrefWidth/Height calculations only works if stage is shown

2013-08-28 Thread John Smith
Bair [] Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 11:46 AM To: John Smith Cc: Anton Epple; Subject: Re: PrefWidth/Height calculations only works if stage is shown I could have sworn we have already had this conversation and we had a name picked out

Static FXMLLoader load method deprecation

2013-08-30 Thread John Smith
The static methods on FXMLLoader are very confusing. It is very easy to create errors by writing code that mixes static and instance FXMLLoader methods. Everything that can be done with static load methods, can be done with instance FXMLLoader methods. Other than confusion, the static load

RE: How to attach files to Jira?

2013-09-30 Thread John Smith
I suggest posting your SSCCE on gist and linking to it from the bug report: -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Felix Bembrick Sent: Monday, September 30, 2013 3:28 AM To:

RE: Enabling Glass thread checks

2013-10-04 Thread John Smith
IllegalStateException(This operation is permitted on the event thread only) What is the event thread? Current warnings about thread rule violations appear to be something like below (from:

RE: Media is now opensource

2013-10-18 Thread John Smith
That's an absolutely fantastic milestone. Thanks to all involved! -Original Message- From: Kevin Rushforth [] Sent: Friday, October 18, 2013 4:55 PM To: John Smith Cc: Richard Bair (; Subject: Re

RE: 8 post-commit review request: RT-19968: Document that Platform.runLater must not be called before FX is initialized

2013-12-09 Thread John Smith
The comments around application runtime initialization seem like they belong more properly in the application lifecycle javadoc for the Application class rather than on the Platform.runLater method specifically, though I do see how the runtime initialization cuts across multiple classes

RE: Reloading stylesheets

2013-12-10 Thread John Smith
And in general if there were some performance guidelines for JavaFX that would be really helpful. There is an open-jfx wiki page for JavaFX Performance Tips and Tricks, you could check that and see if it is helpful (if it's not maybe you could edit it and add a new section on performance

RE: [announce] InhiBeans: mitigate redundant recalculations

2013-12-16 Thread John Smith
Perhaps reactive programming is different from the problem Tomas is solving, but I think a research project which combined some of the principles of functional reactive programming ( with JavaFX properties using Java 8 lambdas

RE: javafxpackager and launcher

2014-01-10 Thread John Smith
Hi Danno, It's really great to see someone paying close attention to the packaging and deployment stuff, this level of effort has been sorely missed since Igor and Daniel left. Thanks for the contributions. John -Original Message- From:

RE: openjfx/8u-dev/rt: RT-35441 [Monocle] Provide a VNC back-end

2014-01-21 Thread John Smith
What does the VNC backend for Monocle do and how can it be used? -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 5:48 AM To: Subject:

RE: Monocle with VNC [was: Re: openjfx/8u-dev/rt: RT-35441 [Monocle] Provide a VNC back-end]

2014-01-21 Thread John Smith
. John From: Daniel Blaukopf [] Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 2:45 PM To: John Smith; Subject: Re: Monocle with VNC [was: Re: openjfx/8u-dev/rt: RT-35441 [Monocle] Provide a VNC back-end] Hi John, On 01/22/2014 12:24 AM, John Smith

RE: Expected frame rates for a full-screen blur

2014-04-01 Thread John Smith
Sounds like your issue isn't in fact the blur, but, if it were, some things suggestions are: 1. BoxBlurs are more efficient than GaussianBlurs: 2. Apply some of the suggestions from the openjfx Performance Tips and Tricks page:

RE: JavaFX 2 + with LWJGL ( OpenGL )

2014-04-07 Thread John Smith
Hi Exo, For general JavaFX usage questions, stackoverflow or the Oracle JavaFX forums are probably a better place to ask than the openjfx-dev mailing list. See for example:

RE: 8u-dev repo open for business

2014-04-07 Thread John Smith
Should new 8udev binaries start showing up soon at: Currently the tag there is 8u20-b05 (a month ago), but the tag in the repository is 8u20-b08 (9 days ago). I know there is usually a lag from repository tag time to build release, but this seems a bit

RE: JavaFX 2 + with LWJGL ( OpenGL )

2014-04-07 Thread John Smith
are good here (especially anything specific to the direct LWJGL/OpenGL/JavaFX integration). From: Mario Torre [] Sent: Monday, April 07, 2014 1:33 PM To: John Smith Cc:; Exo Verse Subject: RE: JavaFX 2 + with LWJGL ( OpenGL ) I don't

RE: Extending a Region to create a JUNG Layout

2014-05-30 Thread John Smith
Much of the internal JavaFX implementation is performed subclassing Region (or Control which is just a Region subclass itself) and overriding layoutChildren, but I'm not aware of any official documentation on the subject other than the sparse stuff in the Javadoc - so no real tutorials. Maybe

RE: Blurry strokes and zooming via scale transforms

2014-06-12 Thread John Smith
A couple of related stackoverflow questions won't solve your problem, but will provide some background info:

RE: JavaFX at JavaOne 2014

2014-06-23 Thread John Smith
I don't know much about Android, but does it have to be a VM, or could you use ART or an ART equivalent:

RE: JavaFX at JavaOne 2014

2014-06-24 Thread John Smith
when an app is installed on the device. -Original Message- From: Scott Palmer [] Sent: Monday, June 23, 2014 5:46 PM To: John Smith Cc: Herve Girod; Pedro Duque Vieira; OpenJFX Mailing List Subject: Re: JavaFX at JavaOne 2014 That first article was so wrong about

RE: Exposing native surface or opengl handle

2014-06-25 Thread John Smith
Here's a link to Steve and Felipe's JavaOne presentation: Integrating JavaFX with Native Technologies This session examines ways that applications can extend JavaFX to use native technologies, with a focus on OpenGL. It's such a

RE: New alias for hg commit notifications?

2014-06-27 Thread John Smith
+1 absolutely -Original Message- From: openjfx-dev [] On Behalf Of Philipp Dörfler Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 3:38 AM To: Ralf Spathelf Cc: Subject: Re: New alias for hg commit notifications? +1 I'm also filtering