Re: [osg-users] imageio problems and possible solutions on loading some PNG images.

2009-11-27 Thread E. Wing
I'm betting you hit the same premultiplied alpha problem/limitation reported in SDL_image. The workaround/solution was to add a block of code at the end of the loader to un-premultiply the alpha (now in the codebase). If that is indeed the problem

Re: [osg-users] OpenGL ES-2.0, OpenGL ES-1.1 and OpenGL 3.x support now ready for testing :-)

2009-11-20 Thread E. Wing
Hello, just passing through again. I thought I would clarify the questions being asked about iPhone. First congrats on the ES support! One thing you apparently need to be careful of is that Apple is now more careful in its screening of iPhone apps that are submitted for the App Store, they

Re: [osg-users] OpenGL ES-2.0, OpenGL ES-1.1 and OpenGL 3.x support now ready for testing :-)

2009-11-20 Thread E. Wing
I understand. I just thought calls named _NSGetEnviron and exc_server (those are the calls they refer to in the article) sounded like get some environment variable and some threading functions, so I thought it might be possible that the low-level implementations of some functions might use

Re: [osg-users] [build] OSX 10.6.1 Snow Leopard woes

2009-09-15 Thread E. Wing
I am not currently on the OSG track so I'm afraid I can't be much help at the moment. But be aware that in Snow Leopard, the default architecture is 64-bit (assuming you are on a 64-bit machine which almost all Intel Macs are now). All the Carbon stuff in osgViewerCarbon will likely not compile in

Re: [osg-users] [build] osgdb_freetype build problem on Mac OS/X 10.5.6

2009-03-19 Thread E. Wing
I don't know what the specific build issue is as I believe the local FindFreeType.cmake module should be searched for first, but I thought I would share some history. Originally there was no FindFreeType.cmake module in CMake. I wrote the original one for OpenSceneGraph and then submitted it to

Re: [osg-users] Speeding Up osgText?

2008-09-06 Thread E. Wing
void Text::computePositions() { unsigned int size = osg::maximum(osg::DisplaySettings::instance()-getMaxNumberOfGraphicsCon texts(),_autoTransformCache.size()); // FIXME: OPTIMIZE: This would be one of the ideal locations to // call computeAverageGlypthWidthAndHeight(). It is

Re: [osg-users] 2.6 Mac OS X issues and some solutions

2008-09-04 Thread E. Wing
On 9/4/08, Robert Osfield [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Filip, On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 11:14 AM, Filip Wänström [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Since I tried the CMake route that creates regular .so files and headers in /usr/local instead of creating mac os frameworks the template need to be changed

[osg-users] osgViewer compile problem on OS X?

2008-07-19 Thread E. Wing
Can anybody reproduce this problem? I am trying to build the current OSG in the SVN trunk with the current CVS head of CMake. GraphicsWindowCarbon.cpp is complaining it can't find certain Mac system header files which is odd. Thanks, Eric [ 40%] Building CXX object

Re: [osg-users] osgViewer compile problem on OS X?

2008-07-19 Thread E. Wing
I figured out the problem. The OSG build system is instructing the process to also build 64-bit as part of the Universal, and of course it doesn't work when it gets to osgViewer because there is no 64-bit Carbon. -Eric On 7/19/08, E. Wing [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Can anybody reproduce

Re: [osg-users] mac -install_name

2008-05-27 Thread E. Wing
On 5/27/08, Andy Skinner [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'll admit to being a little past the limit of my knowledge here ... We would like to specify the -install_name arg with which we link the shared libraries. I think it is because we don't want the paths where these things were built to be in

Re: [osg-users] Building FreeType plugin on Mac OS X 10.5

2008-05-06 Thread E. Wing
On 5/6/08, Paul Martz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi folks -- I'm struggling with building OSG on a new Mac OS X 10.5 system. I'm using a command-line build, not XCode, so using ccmake and make to build, My current roadblock is the FreeType library, with the following error: ld: cycle in dylib

Re: [osg-users] Compile Errors 2.4 Release Mac OS X

2008-05-05 Thread E. Wing
FYI, I think I came across the OSG_GLU_TESS_CALLBACK_TRIPLEDOT issue in my testing too. I think the answer is: In Leopard, you need to flip the value. In prior to Leopard, the value works as is. If I recall, the thing is related to some casting which happens to involve a GLenum. If so, I think

Re: [osg-users] OS X / cmake-problems, was: Re: OpenSceneGraph-2.3.10 dev release tagged

2008-04-23 Thread E. Wing
Hi, sorry, I've been really busy with other work (day job) which happens to have no OSG or CMake at the moment so it has been hard for me to finish fixing everything up. I have some stuff written, but it is incomplete and am still trying to get over various CMake bugs which requires me to write

Re: [osg-users] Annexing the old OpenSceneGraph/XCode directory, moving to using just CMake

2008-03-29 Thread E. Wing
On 3/29/08, Robert Osfield [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: HI Stephan, On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 1:44 PM, Stephan Huber [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Does CMake support building frameworks on OS X now? IMHO this was the missing key feature, stopping us using CMake on OS X. I don't know the answer to

[osg-users] Mac OS X Cross-Compile SDKs for 10.4 and 10.5

2008-01-29 Thread E. Wing
This package will let you cross compile for 10.4 or 10.5 using the SDK feature in Xcode 3. This makes it easier to build programs targeting 10.4 or 10.5 without having to remove/replace your regular frameworks each time. I've been sitting on this awhile. I've been hoping to clean up the

Re: [osg-users] Mac OS X Cross-Compile SDKs for 10.4 and 10.5

2008-01-29 Thread E. Wing
apparently needs just that.. Do you want feedback? Have a good holiday Robert. Kind regards, Stephen. On Jan 30, 2008, at 8:21 AM, E. Wing wrote: This package will let you cross compile for 10.4 or 10.5 using the SDK feature in Xcode 3. This makes it easier to build programs targeting 10.4

Re: [osg-users] OSX installation changes

2008-01-04 Thread E. Wing
I installed the 2.2 release, but now I'm looking for the wrappers (I want to try out osgLua). Are they not included in the OSX install? /Andreas Sorry, I don't include the wrappers. I think you might be the first to ask. I'm actually horribly ignorant on how they work and what you're

Re: [osg-users] OSX installation changes

2007-12-31 Thread E. Wing
I only intend to do the dmg/drag-and-drop release. It's extremely well documented and even has screencasts now. Somebody else did the installer but I don't think there are concrete plans to continue it. Newbies should understand the concepts discussed in the screencasts, installer or not.

Re: [osg-users] Development-system for Mac-OS

2007-12-14 Thread E. Wing
2 make: *** [all] Error 2 [EMAIL PROTECTED]/devEnv/research/APIs/OpenSceneGraph_svn$ biv On Dec 13, 2007 1:01 AM, Andreas Goebel [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: E. Wing schrieb: In my opinion, you are best off getting Leopard. Apple will not be updating OpenGL drivers for Tiger from

Re: [osg-users] Development-system for Mac-OS

2007-12-12 Thread E. Wing
. About a month ago (), I posted a message with the subject Undefined Symbols in OSG on Mac OS X The OSG binary installer for Mac OS X 10.4 (the 10.4u SDK) *mostly* worked, but my applications would not compile if I made calls to osg::Image::readPixels() or osg::StateSet::setMode(). E

Re: [osg-users] Documentation Building Problem

2007-12-07 Thread E. Wing
Actually, it's partially implemented, but not working as you can see. If I recall, part of the problem was because OpenThreads and OSG are merged together, there was an ambiguity problem. (I think I had progressed as far as getting the OpenThreads and Producer documentation working if you built

Re: [osg-users] CMake Search Paths ?

2007-11-23 Thread E. Wing
Is there a simpler way to give cmake user defined search paths? So, telling people about the shiny world of 'ccmake' and begging for procedures that are _highly_impractical_ on many people's setup is one thing, This strikes me as a newbie-like question, not an automation (advanced) question

Re: [osg-users] CMake Search Paths ?

2007-11-19 Thread E. Wing
There are a bunch of ways to deal with this. You shouldn't modify the CMakeCache directly. And you really shouldn't need to modify the CMakeLists.txt. 1) Use the ccmake instead of cmake. It exists for this very reason and is the easiest, most reliable answer. (I constantly beg people to use

Re: [osg-users] 2D Graphs/plots

2007-11-13 Thread E. Wing
I worked on a plotting system using OpenSceneGraph not too long ago. Speed was a very important factor for us because we were dealing with real time data. My experience with GNUplot is that it's not very good for this type of situation. OpenGL gave us a lot of power to be able to zoom and

Re: [osg-users] building osg on release version of leopard

2007-11-08 Thread E. Wing
projects, or to the XCode directory from svn ? Mihai E. Wing wrote: Sorry, the path was going to $(SDKROOT)/usr/X11R6/lib, but I forgot to account the change to, so the path needed to be $(SDKROOT)/usr/X11/lib. I updated the Xcode project so both paths are listed so it should now do

[osg-users] New Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard binaries posted and Leopard specific documentation added to the Wiki

2007-11-08 Thread E. Wing
Some things have been updated. First, a new 10.5 oriented binary package has been uploaded to: Hopefully, Robert can add the link to the main downloads page soon. The description should be: Mac OS X 10.5

Re: [osg-users] Undefined Symbols in OSG on Mac OS X

2007-11-04 Thread E. Wing
Yeah, Apple screwed up and broke binary compatibility between 10.4 and 10.5 when using OpenGL and C++. I have notes and binaries coming on this, but the short story is you can't use 10.4 built frameworks against the 10.5 SDK or you get the linking problems you see. Either switch to the 10.4u SDK

Re: [osg-users] building osg on release version of leopard

2007-10-28 Thread E. Wing
I haven't had any problems with compiling or using the freetype plugin in Leopard though I'm still on the final seed before GM. The libfreetype that ships with Leopard is already Universal 32/64-bit. The Xcode project works fine for me under 32-bit. (I haven't done 64-bit due to osgViewer's Carbon

Re: [osg-users] New binaries

2007-10-15 Thread E. Wing
I uploaded the OS X binary last week, but I have been unable to change the downloads page to reflect it. Even with the password Jose setup for me, I am not given the edit button for the downloads page. The binary is located here:

Re: [osg-users] OpenSceneGraph-2.2 stable released

2007-10-05 Thread E. Wing
I have a Mac binary package ready to go. Where/how should I upload it? ___ osg-users mailing list

Re: [osg-users] osgPlugins and OSX Universal Binaries

2007-09-18 Thread E. Wing
Should just work presuming no endian bugs in the underlying code. On 9/17/07, Eric Sokolowsky [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I plan to create an OSG 1.2 based application on Mac OSX which is a universal binary. Are there any issues that I need to be aware of regarding the osgPlugins? If I use the

Re: [osg-users] Max OS X tutorial videos, broken links (was: RE: Tutorials)

2007-08-30 Thread E. Wing
I think delete access may be restricted beyond the default osg login. I couldn't find a delete link. However, if you upload a file, you get a checkbox to replace a file if it already exists. I tried enabling that, but my upload failed saying that the account didn't have the delete privalege.

Re: [osg-users] Max OS X tutorial videos, broken links (was: RE: Tutorials)

2007-08-22 Thread E. Wing
D'oh. Are the files lost, or are the links just broken? Thanks, Eric On 8/22/07, Paul Martz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Eric Wing has put a few very informative videos on the OSG wiki regarding installing/using OSG on a Mac:

Re: [osg-users] compiling on Mac OS X Leopard 64 bit

2007-08-06 Thread E. Wing
Can't say much about Leopard due to the NDA. But there has been public traffic about Carbon and 64-bit. The summary is that there will be no 64-bit path for Carbon. That means GraphicsWindowCarbon will not work and a Cocoa version of GraphicsWindow is the way to go for 64-bit. (I've warned people