Re: Trigger an event from outside an event handler

2016-03-29 Thread Rocco Caputo
POE::Kernel->post( $destination, "event", @optional_args ); -- Rocco Caputo <> > On Mar 29, 2016, at 10:25, pablo baez <> wrote: > > Hi, > > I'm a POE newbie and looking at the documentation, I don't find a way to

Re: [COMMERCIAL] POE and Activestate perlapp fail on MacOSX

2016-01-05 Thread Rocco Caputo
un(), just invoking $poe_main_window->destroy() or Tk::exit() at the end should be enough to see if it's going to help. The "-e syntax OK" suggests that the error is happening as a result of a "perl -c" check within PerlApp. Can you reproduce the error with just &qu

Re: POE and Activestate perlapp fail on MacOSX

2016-01-04 Thread Rocco Caputo
Hi, Craig. The PerlMonks thread you quoted ends with a solution to the OP's problem. The you quoted doesn't seem to implement that solution, so my first recommendation would be to try that. -- Rocco Caputo <> > On Jan 4, 2016, at 13:34, Craig Votava &

Re: POE::Kernel->stop() will trigger _stop in the next release

2015-11-11 Thread Rocco Caputo
there. -- Rocco Caputo <> > On Nov 11, 2015, at 19:31, Deven Parekh <> wrote: > > Hello, > > Thank you for the quick response. > > I will try to generate a test case for the above. > > In the mean time if this helps, I

Re: Better ways than call()

2015-11-09 Thread Rocco Caputo
and worker can be encoded and enforced in methods. -- Rocco Caputo <> > On Nov 9, 2015, at 08:06, john <> wrote: > > The POE::Kernel documentation indicates this for call(): > > call() returns the value returned by the EVENT_NAME handler

Re: POE::Component::Client::Keepalive crashes perl (5.16) on Windows

2015-02-15 Thread Rocco Caputo
, Win32::Process, Win32::Job, and Win32. There may be unmet minimum version requirements for your particular setup. If you get Devel::Trace working, sending me the last output before the popup might help. -- Rocco Caputo

POE::Kernel-stop() will trigger _stop in the next release

2014-10-30 Thread Rocco Caputo
run it past #poe, and nobody objected. -- Rocco Caputo

Re: Slow fork bomb message in latest version of POE

2014-03-24 Thread Rocco Caputo
destruction time. -- Rocco Caputo On Mar 24, 2014, at 05:46, albertocurro wrote: Guys, We have a product developed using POE as a base framework, with some other tool libraries as log4perl; basically is a forward proxy, composed of several modules

Re: Slow fork bomb message in latest version of POE

2014-03-24 Thread Rocco Caputo
You are not using sig_child() as intended. When used as intended, sig_child() will prevent shutdown until the child process has exited and has been reaped. The timing issues you're worried about should not exist. -- Rocco Caputo On Mar 24, 2014, at 11:44, albertocurro

Re: Asunto: Re: Slow fork bomb message in latest version of POE

2014-03-24 Thread Rocco Caputo
issue, then your program should not be interrupted at inopportune times, and it should reap the nginx process before it exits. This should resolve all outstanding issues, as I currently understand them. -- Rocco Caputo On Mar 24, 2014, at 12:15, albertocurro albertocu

Re: POCO IRC Proxy plugin

2014-02-22 Thread Rocco Caputo
, you can put them all behind one IRC connection. This may keep you from being banned by servers that have low connection limits. If a channel lets you only have one bot, you can cheat. :) Other things, only limited by the intersection of the implemented features and your imagination! -- Rocco

Re: Saving application state

2014-02-13 Thread Rocco Caputo
Hi, Celso. This isn't a job for POE. Use File::AtomicWrite, or something like it, to safely write the time stamp as frequently as necessary. It's a trivial amount of data, so you probably don't need it written asynchronously. Reload the time stamp when the program restarts. -- Rocco Caputo

Re: [SOLVEDish] Problem with MPD client but probably POE user error

2014-02-06 Thread Rocco Caputo
because I expected POE::Component::MPD to set its own alias in its own _start routine. _start is called before POE::Session-create() returns. The predictable timing can be used to avoid problems like this. -- Rocco Caputo

Re: Problem with MPD client but probably POE user error

2014-02-04 Thread Rocco Caputo
something relevant. -- Rocco Caputo On Feb 4, 2014, at 07:56, John wrote: none of the events I send get to the daemon (also running on localhost with default port). maybe this is not a problem with but my usage of POE. I can use the command line

Subtle change to SIGCHLD polling

2013-10-06 Thread Rocco Caputo
or Strawberry. Please review the change in the repository and give it a spin before it ends up on CPAN. The build you save may be your own. commit d3cb2fbfb53799ab22754b900fc47af703758910 Author: Rocco Caputo rcap

Re: POE server and perl client on diferent OS

2013-09-20 Thread Rocco Caputo
On Sep 19, 2013, at 20:29, Zhu, Julie wrote: May I use POE server on linux machine and using perl 5.6 write client using= socket module on windows client? Can they communicate? Yes. -- Rocco Caputo

Attn: Backwards-incompatible change to CATCH_EXCEPTIONS

2013-09-05 Thread Rocco Caputo
commit 52487325a316b2bcc945f0a1f344556b58760ef3 Author: Rocco Caputo Date: Thu Sep 5 18:52:13 2013 -0400 !!! CATCH_EXCEPTIONS revamp. May be slightly backwards incompatible. I expect more good to come from it than harm. POE should hide error messages less often

Re: Localizing %SIG in 2.{35,36,37} crashes POE::Wheel::Run ...

2013-07-16 Thread Rocco Caputo
Thank you for the alert. Is there any reasonable way to work around this? -- Rocco Caputo On Jul 16, 2013, at 12:00, Markus Jansen wrote: Hi, FYI ... hope none of you wastes time with this really nasty trap ... Best regards, Markus -Original Message

Re: Combining services.

2013-02-01 Thread Rocco Caputo
Don't use an asynchronous client if you don't need one. The cookbook includes examples using POE::Filter::Reference by itself. -- Rocco Caputo On Jan 31, 2013, at 09:41, Antti Linno wrote: Hm, as my needs for application server are very simple, I feel that POE TCP client

Re: Combining services.

2013-01-30 Thread Rocco Caputo
and UDP), or code examples are welcome :) I've attached a working version of your sample code. It starts two TCP servers and a UDP service, and lets them all run at once in the same process. -- Rocco Caputo #!/usr/bin/env perl use warnings; use strict; use Socket qw

Re: POE, log4perl and sqlite

2012-10-19 Thread Rocco Caputo
in time. -- Rocco Caputo On Oct 19, 2012, at 07:04, Antti Linno wrote: Thank you for your kind interest. The pastebins: log4perl.conf main file application logic database interaction

Re: POE, log4perl and sqlite

2012-10-18 Thread Rocco Caputo
possible logger object of a certain category. That's called a singleton if you're a Gamma fan. That quote is from -- Rocco Caputo

Re: SocketFactory Server communication between sessions

2012-10-17 Thread Rocco Caputo
if it doesn't. Thanks! -- Rocco Caputo

Re: patch for SIG{__DIE__} behaviour

2012-09-27 Thread Rocco Caputo
I redirected it to POE's request queue at It's tracked at now. -- Rocco Caputo On Sep 26, 2012, at 10:46, Philip Gwyn wrote: Hello, This is a patch that fixes $SIG{__DIE__} handling for perl 5.8.8

Re: alarm function under while loop

2012-08-25 Thread Rocco Caputo
::Kernel-run_while() to run POE's dispatcher while a variable is true. Set the variable false from the callback you are waiting for. -- Rocco Caputo On Aug 22, 2012, at 05:54, Gokul Prasad wrote: Hi, Am setting alarm in calling a function to check if particular task has

Re: POE process getting too busy

2012-08-25 Thread Rocco Caputo
=printimpressions=viewlocale=id=TECH163245 -- Rocco Caputo On Aug 21, 2012, at 06:09, Markus Jansen wrote: Hi, thanks a lot for the immediate answer, I also changed the code immediately, and started another long-term test run. Just found

Re: Contemplating POE for a multi-platform project rewrite

2012-08-14 Thread Rocco Caputo
. #poe is good for shorter, less formal, more real-time interaction. -- Rocco Caputo

Re: test errors (Was: POE Upgrade error)

2012-07-22 Thread Rocco Caputo
On Jul 13, 2012, at 11:26, Philip Gwyn wrote: On 10-Jul-2012 Rocco Caputo wrote: Good morning. I could use some help with this problem. After a look at, seems to me this is a buffering issue. The child does print; ; print; print; but the parent does print; sysread

Re: Do events due to yield have higher precedence than those due to delay for kernel dispatch?

2012-07-11 Thread Rocco Caputo
that only 3-5 of them can be dispatched every second. You will need to make the time-consuming tasks asynchronous or distribute the work across more cores. -- Rocco Caputo On Jul 12, 2012, at 01:13, Deven Parekh wrote: Hello POE team, I am trying to understand if the POE kernel

Deprecation notice: POE::Pipe utilities becoming IO::Pipely

2012-06-28 Thread Rocco Caputo
. -- Rocco Caputo

Re: Q: add and remove wheels dynamically

2012-06-13 Thread Rocco Caputo
... wrong. -- Rocco Caputo On Jun 12, 2012, at 16:10, Alex wrote: Hi! I have written a small Tk GUI that follows some log files. I would like to add the possibility to add and remove files on-the-fly. To do this, I added a menu where a user is provided with two menu items

POE 1.350 released

2011-12-15 Thread Rocco Caputo
. These changes may be user-facing to people who aren't using sig_child(). I've advanced the revision more than normal for that reason. -- Rocco Caputo

Re: I want to build a tunnel system in POE

2011-12-13 Thread Rocco Caputo
POE doesn't do anything special regarding sockets. Well, okay, it binmode()s them and makes them non-blocking. Otherwise, they're just plain sockets. So any SOCK_RAW chicanery you might need to spoof source addresses will be standard. -- Rocco Caputo On Dec 12, 2011

Warning: Is anyone still using $kernel-sig(CHLD = $event)?

2011-12-11 Thread Rocco Caputo
added sig_child() five years ago. commit e8a11d981f111afe92e56d6ade8ba08a3d5a077b Author: Rocco Caputo Date: Sat Sep 16 05:33:53 2006 -0400 Added sig_chlid(), test case, and documentation. Resolves 18392. Collateral damage: POE::Loop::Event's signal handler

Re: Generating constant RPS load for Data cloud

2011-11-02 Thread Rocco Caputo
that many of the requests are timing out. Increase max_per_host to 1000. Consider a more sophisticated throttling algorithm that fire off 800+ requests all at once. -- Rocco Caputo On Oct 4, 2011, at 01:47, Anil Thyagarajan wrote: Hi, We have a data-cloud setup for caching

Re: Cannot receive data with POE tcp connection

2011-10-03 Thread Rocco Caputo
Hi, Andhi. Many Internet protocols are line-based and use the RFC network newline (CR+LF). POE::Component::Server::TCP defaults to this, but you can change it. See: -- Rocco Caputo

Re: Force all PoCo::Server::TCP clients to disconnect

2011-09-07 Thread Rocco Caputo
You need to keep track of all the TCP connections. shows how to do it. Instead of broadcasting messages to all attached clients, though, you would be broadcasting a shutdown event. -- Rocco Caputo On Sep 5, 2011, at 13:47

Re: POE::Component::Server::TCP - accessing listener heap entries

2011-08-29 Thread Rocco Caputo
references when you work like this, and you should be fine. -- Rocco Caputo On Aug 29, 2011, at 21:20, Krishna K wrote: Hi, I am trying to debug an issue with POE::Component::Server::TCP where the client sessions do not get closed correctly when using POE::Component::Client

Re: killing a session

2011-08-19 Thread Rocco Caputo
- Ticker session is being destroyed. 1) macbookpoe:~/projects/misc/support% -- Rocco Caputo On Aug 19, 2011, at 04:02, Rizwan Hisham wrote: Dear List, How do I kill a running session from inside another session. There is no parent child relation between the two session

Re: Client crash making server crash

2011-08-19 Thread Rocco Caputo
for that confess() this week, but it's not released yet. I'll expedite the 1.313 release if it fixes your problem. -- Rocco Caputo On Aug 19, 2011, at 14:43, Eric Martel wrote: Hi folks, I'm quite new to POE. I wrote a server using POE::Wheel::SocketFactory and handling clients

Re: Client crash making server crash

2011-08-19 Thread Rocco Caputo
in your stack trace after work. -- Rocco Caputo On Aug 19, 2011, at 15:47, Eric Martel wrote: Still no luck with a snapshot taken from;a=snapshot;h=5b9429832974363f7b0d37590cd5a5b7fd941360;sf=tgz; a few minutes ago

Re: Problem to execute sidecar Perl scripts when compiling POE::Component::Resolver 0.912 with PAR

2011-07-30 Thread Rocco Caputo
Thanks for the clarification, Markus. I've applied a modified version of your patch as change 82af41c8ab2dd061acd7deb9979fa6cb5c4725ae. You can review it online at -- Rocco Caputo On Jul 29, 2011, at 05:01, Markus Jansen

Re: Problem to execute sidecar Perl scripts when compiling POE::Component::Resolver 0.912 with PAR

2011-07-28 Thread Rocco Caputo
supply a sidecar that isn't POE::Component::Resolver::Sidecar? A parameter would be excellent for a general-purpose sidecar-based module, but I think it's not so useful here. commit 638cd9e616a5b4ffbf413672784f41896de97430 Author: Rocco Caputo Date: Fri Jul 29 00:44:00 2011

Re: PoCo::Client::HTTP 0.943 + run_one_timeslice = block

2011-06-22 Thread Rocco Caputo
shutdown, I think KeepAlive is keeping sockets alive. -- Rocco Caputo On Jun 18, 2011, at 14:17, wrote: Something must have changed in PoCo::Client::HTTP 0.943 leaving the kernel blocking even if all requests have been processed. It occurs

Re: Creating and shutting down POE::Sessions

2011-05-22 Thread Rocco Caputo
On May 19, 2011, at 03:18, Gabor Szabo wrote: On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 5:28 AM, Rocco Caputo wrote: On May 18, 2011, at 09:30, Gabor Szabo wrote: I have tried to setup a small application that would listen on a TCP port and get commands 'start' and 'stop', When receiving

Re: Problem to execute sidecar Perl scripts when compiling POE::Component::Resolver with PAR

2011-05-18 Thread Rocco Caputo
( resolver = POE::Component::Resolver-new( max_resolvers = 2, ) ) ); -- Rocco Caputo

Re: PoCo::JobQueue no longer on CPAN?

2011-05-15 Thread Rocco Caputo
be found, did you mean one of these... I know how to get it from backpan, so no worries about that. Hi, Rhesa. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. PoCo::JobQueue wasn't deliberately pulled from CPAN. I've just uploaded a new copy to replace the missing one. -- Rocco Caputo rcap

Re: Robust IKC

2011-05-13 Thread Rocco Caputo
Normally IKC's author is watching the list, but your mail might not have reached him or he may be busy. Have you tried contacting him directly? -- Rocco Caputo On May 5, 2011, at 20:03, John R. wrote: I would like to have my POE client recoever from a variety of IKC

Re: SocketFactory and Windows connections errors

2011-04-15 Thread Rocco Caputo
on port 1234): [removed] Hi, Ciprian. This should fix it: It will be in a new release soon. -- Rocco Caputo

Re: Announce: Net:GPSD3::POE

2011-04-05 Thread Rocco Caputo
, \Net::GPSD3::default_handler unless @handler; my $object = $self-constructor($self-decode($line), string = $line); foreach my $handler (@handler) { $handler-($object); } $self-cache($object); } -- Rocco Caputo

Warning: Major internal data restructure

2011-02-07 Thread Rocco Caputo
phase. However it breaks many assumptions about POE's internal workings. Most people oughtn't care. If you do care, let's talk. -- Rocco Caputo -

IPv6 support improving, yet paradoxically breaking

2011-01-27 Thread Rocco Caputo
houses will switch down to IPv4 if they upgrade POE without also installing Socket::GetAddrInfo. [Also announced at @rcaputo on Twitter, albeit with much less detail.] -- Rocco Caputo -

Re: Passing Sessions with Curses::UI::POE

2011-01-20 Thread Rocco Caputo
, shortness of breath, upset stomach, and the ability to smell concepts that can't be expressed in a single English word. -- Rocco Caputo - On Jan 18, 2011, at 13:05, wrote: Using Curses::UI::POE and the key binding function set_binding(), I've been

Re: POE::Component::SNMP Hangs When Multiple Aliases Added

2010-10-30 Thread Rocco Caputo
-{pending} would be decremented to -1, and 'finish' would never occur? If @reachable_hosts 1, then finish occurs before the last host reports? That sounds as if that could lose a host. -- Rocco Caputo - On Oct 28, 2010, at 06:36, Rehan Azher wrote: OK I enabled

Anyone calling _dispatch_event() directly?

2010-10-07 Thread Rocco Caputo
anyone. In the real world it probably breaks someone's code. Whose is it, and what can we do about that? -- Rocco Caputo -

News: Git, Moose and Snerp Vortex

2010-08-29 Thread Rocco Caputo
repositories and try again. And again. You might find it helpful, or it could explode and take off your hand. Either way, it's at and patches are welcome. -- Rocco Caputo -

Re: POE sigdies due to die which should never be reached in POE::Queue::Array

2010-06-23 Thread Rocco Caputo
Can you dump the queue at that point, and send me the results off-list? -- Rocco Caputo - On Jun 21, 2010, at 04:33, Jean Stebens wrote: -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Hi all, I'm using version 1.2680 of POE. The following exception bumped me the last

Re: Performance tunning for POE/Component::Client::HTTP

2010-06-11 Thread Rocco Caputo
, correct takes precedence. Which is not to say that Client::HTTP and Client::Keepalive are actually correct here. That's still to be seen. I'd appreciate it if you could dig into the problem a little deeper. I have some digging of my own to do, but I'm currently swamped. -- Rocco Caputo

Re: How to deal with event timeout?

2010-03-23 Thread Rocco Caputo
(connect_timeout = undef); # clear it } You will need to register a connect_timeout handler in POE::Session- create() to catch the timeout. -- Rocco Caputo - On Mar 22, 2010, at 10:00, Ryan Chan wrote: For example, I am using POE::Component::Client::NNTP

About Proc::Daemon POE

2010-03-16 Thread Rocco Caputo
-has_forked() was added a little while ago to reset process-scoped data within POE after calling fork(). Such data includes outstanding child PIDs and the signal pipes. Please let me know if this doesn't fix things. Thanks! -- Rocco Caputo -

Re: POE::Loop::Glib/Gtk2 trips over Wheel output

2010-03-09 Thread Rocco Caputo
On Mar 9, 2010, at 11:59, Mike Schilli wrote: On Tue, 9 Mar 2010, Rocco Caputo wrote: I believe you may have encountered a known bug with a simple solution. Now if only we could somehow get that patch released Is the solution

Re: Access IP address in POE::Component::Client::HTTP

2010-01-31 Thread Rocco Caputo
if the client is connecting to a proxy. -- Rocco Caputo - On Jan 27, 2010, at 11:02, Doreen Grey wrote: Hello all, I've built a web client application with POE::Component::Client::HTTP. I followed the examples in the cookbook (

Re: Help with POE, Tk, and Multiple Processes

2009-12-28 Thread Rocco Caputo
be to delegate all this to an ssh agent. -- Rocco Caputo - On Dec 28, 2009, at 16:23, Votava, Craig M (Craig) wrote: Folks- You can check out the following link to see how I've been educated on this issue so far, but I'm having trouble engineering a solution. I hope

Re: Can't store GLOB items at blib/lib/ at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/POE/Filter/ line 208

2009-12-22 Thread Rocco Caputo
/Storable/ line 339, at -e line 1 If you choose to use something like YAML, POE::Filter::Reference's documentation will explain how to replace Storable. -- Rocco Caputo - On Dec 22, 2009, at 16:28, Josh803316 wrote: My application using Poe::Wheel::RunPoCo::TCP

Re: Execute Jobs parallel using JobQueue

2009-12-01 Thread Rocco Caputo
The other general advice is to use fork(), with or without POE, when you need true parallelism. -- Rocco Caputo - On Dec 1, 2009, at 08:50, Mark Morgan wrote: Good day, Ryan, The problem with using 'sleep' in POE code is that POE isn't true pre-emptive multi-tasking

Re: Poe Design Question

2009-11-25 Thread Rocco Caputo
What's your bottleneck? If it's just speaking with modems, POE can do that asynchronously. You may be able to simplify the design by pulling the jobs back into the main process. -- Rocco Caputo - On Nov 24, 2009, at 15:00, Simon Taylor wrote: (updated) I have built

Re: Strategy in designing a scaleable robot with POE::Component::Client::HTTP?

2009-11-20 Thread Rocco Caputo
performance plummets when a machine overcommits its memory and begins swapping. Don't let that happen to you. Use fork() with POE to take advantage of both cores. Are you looking for a design consultant? -- Rocco Caputo - On Nov 20, 2009, at 23:15, Ryan Chan wrote: Hello

Re: help with POE::Component::Client::HTTP

2009-11-19 Thread Rocco Caputo
::Component::Client::HTTP documentation. -- Rocco Caputo - On Nov 19, 2009, at 22:03, Aaron Goodmiller wrote: Hello all, I am using the POE::Component::Client::HTTP part of POE to call 4 URLs simultaneously. This works really well, except for the fact that there is either

Re: unexpected _child(lose) for a detached session from _start

2009-11-19 Thread Rocco Caputo
. -- Rocco Caputo - On Nov 19, 2009, at 14:00, Olivier Mengué wrote: Hi POE fellows, I'm in the process of rewriting the backend of my POE::Component::Schedule to make the backend session independent of others session in the system. The point is that session is just backend

Re: Not seeing anything back out of STDOUT

2009-11-10 Thread Rocco Caputo
Yes, plain text looks like a very large data structure to POE::Filter::Reference. It is busy buffering data until it has enough to thaw(). That behavior appears to the application as if the filter has stalled. -- Rocco Caputo - On Nov 10, 2009, at 04:29, Simon Taylor

Re: Not seeing anything back out of STDOUT

2009-11-09 Thread Rocco Caputo
by creating the socket in the parent process, then sharing it between the parent and child after the fork() duplicates it. No client/server shenanigans are performed to set up the connection. It could be something else, but I can't tell without seeing more code. :) -- Rocco Caputo

Re: TCP keepalive?

2009-10-21 Thread Rocco Caputo
be able to do anything you need there, no matter what that entails. -- Rocco Caputo - On Oct 20, 2009, at 13:48, Adams Sean wrote: never mind, this was easy to enable globally by modifying @ line 706: setsockopt($socket_handle, SOL_SOCKET, SO_KEEPALIVE

POE 1.280 is released to PAUSE

2009-10-13 Thread Rocco Caputo
! Not nearly enough, but it's improved by a leap and a bound. ... and a bunch of really minor things in the CHANGES file. Thanks everyone! What's next? -- Rocco Caputo -

Re: POE::Wheel::Run::Win32 and Win32::Daemon

2009-10-12 Thread Rocco Caputo
. For the (Program = \foo) case, I don't know. Can Perl on Windows handle that well at all? -- Rocco Caputo - On Oct 12, 2009, at 10:54, Andreas Altergott wrote: Hi, Andrew Feren wrote: Something like the following will give you better results. my $pid; if($pid = fork

Upcoming POE Changes

2009-10-09 Thread Rocco Caputo
affected. I hope his is a special case. More to Come There will be more improvements in the future, but that's all for now. Stay tuned, and please report any problems you encounter early and often. Thanks! -- Rocco Caputo -

Re: I need some help with POE::Wheel::Run on Windows

2009-10-02 Thread Rocco Caputo
Thanks for pointing that out. I had forgotten the backstory on it. It strongly implies that the I/O redirection must be done BEFORE the fork() call on Windows, as it seems that fork() communicates stdio to exec() inside Perl. Time for test cases... -- Rocco Caputo -

I need some help with POE::Wheel::Run on Windows

2009-10-01 Thread Rocco Caputo
does any harm. He's bypassing Win32::Console::_SetStdHandle() calls that set STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR to the pipes that communicate with the parent process. It seems like reasonable code, but I don't know any better. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. -- Rocco Caputo - rcap

POE 1.260 may be imminent, but it's no big deal.

2009-08-27 Thread Rocco Caputo
will have versions numerically greater than their highest released versions. Indexers will be happy again. -- Rocco Caputo -

POE::Loop::{Event,Gtk,Tk} Now Separate Distros

2009-08-25 Thread Rocco Caputo
POE release. This is your last opportunity to fix dependencies in advance. I'll probably warn y'all again once POE's released, but by then it'll be, as they say, TOO LAATE!! -- Rocco Caputo -

Re: how to create parallel sessions?

2009-08-25 Thread Rocco Caputo
Perl's for() is not a parallel dispatcher, sorry. POE::Session- create() should take relatively little time, after which your program should call POE::Kernel-run(). This run() method is a cooperative timeslice dispatcher, which is often parallel enough. -- Rocco Caputo -

POE::Wheel::Run ClosedEvent reliability and SIGCHLD timing changes

2009-08-06 Thread Rocco Caputo
to reap child processes, though. -- Rocco Caputo -

1.007 is released.

2009-07-28 Thread Rocco Caputo
warning now points to documentation to disable it. The PID reap warnings explain themselves better. -- Rocco Caputo -

Plans for 1.010

2009-07-28 Thread Rocco Caputo
that I have access to a faster Windows machine. Thanks again to Adam Kennedy and crew for making it happen. -- Rocco Caputo -

Re: POE::Component::Server::TCP bug fixes, possibly incompatible

2009-07-28 Thread Rocco Caputo
this resolves), and POE's mailing list for advice on which way this change should go. -- Rocco Caputo - On Jul 21, 2009, at 06:40, Olivier Mengué wrote: Euh, well, I was meaning option A. But either A or C is good for me. Option B is too awkward as a bad API would stay forever

Re: POE::Test::Loops 1.020, and upcoming POE releases

2009-07-24 Thread Rocco Caputo
On Jul 24, 2009, at 06:29, Olivier Mengué wrote: 2009/7/24 Rocco Caputo POE::Test::Loops 1.020 has been released. I'm concerned about bug 45158 [1] which is blocking a clean install of POE on HP-UX. To summarize, the test POE/Test/Loops/ is reliyng

Re: down?

2009-07-20 Thread Rocco Caputo
off of this server shortly. I've sent them support mail asking how long the site will be down. -- Rocco Caputo - On Jul 20, 2009, at 10:46, jorge sanchez wrote: Oops, missed the list.. the site seems to be down again... Jorge

Re: POE+Signals : The final solution

2009-07-19 Thread Rocco Caputo
). As Philip mentioned, I plan to make a developer release next week for testing and a production 1.007 release if that goes well. There's never too much testing, so feel free to check out a copy of the repository and begin your own QA procedures. Thanks! -- Rocco Caputo - On Jul

Version 1.008 Goal

2009-07-19 Thread Rocco Caputo
leads to more love, which may improve quality. Thanks! -- Rocco Caputo -

Re: POE::Component::Server::TCP bug fixes, possibly incompatible

2009-07-15 Thread Rocco Caputo
right. The correct behavior would be for ClientArgs to align with @_[ARG0..$#_]. This still breaks current code, but it's cleaner. -- Rocco Caputo -

Re: down?

2009-07-15 Thread Rocco Caputo
Out of memory again. I've rebooted and reconfigured Apache a little. Sorry for the inconvenience. -- Rocco Caputo - On Jul 15, 2009, at 07:59, Larry Clapp wrote: Oops, I meant to send this to the list. -- Forwarded message -- From: Larry Clapp la

Re: Doesn't run under activestate?

2009-07-14 Thread Rocco Caputo
I responded on PerlMonks. -- Rocco Caputo - On Jul 14, 2009, at 08:47, Craig Votava wrote: Folks- I would like to add something like this to the POE cookbook, but this version won't run under activestate. Any pointers on what I'm doing wrong? This is also part

Re: down?

2009-07-14 Thread Rocco Caputo
the window wider. There are experimental RSS feeds for major changes, and all changes. I'm going to tweak the save form later to discourage making all changes major. Also to encourage meaningful change messages. I'm sure there are bugs. Please keep up the feedback. :) -- Rocco Caputo - rcap

Re: POE site not displayed correctly under IE7

2009-06-27 Thread Rocco Caputo
Thanks for the report. I'm able to log in fine, with my current account and a new one from scratch. I did find and fix a cookie problem, which might be related. Please try again and contact me directly if there's still a problem. -- Rocco Caputo - On Jun 27, 2009

Re: POE Newbie chasing anothers code

2009-06-26 Thread Rocco Caputo
officially supported, in which case you'll see it in the docs. The $poe_kernel export (or $POE::Kernel::poe_kernel) is mainly for libraries that may not get POE::Session's usual callback parameters. -- Rocco Caputo - On Jun 25, 2009, at 22:38, Mark Swayne wrote: Bruce Ferrell

Re: Simple datafile-to-GUI help needed

2009-06-26 Thread Rocco Caputo
. -- Rocco Caputo - On Jun 26, 2009, at 12:19, Craig Votava wrote: Folks- I have a simple problem that I want to solve with POE. As I'm looking at all the various options, I'm getting overwhelmed and need some help picking out the best. I have an ascii logfile (non

Re: POE site not displayed correctly under IE7

2009-06-25 Thread Rocco Caputo
with bad content. There's a login/signup link at the bottom, and it'll enable an edit link when you do. I know some of the cookbook examples are too wide for the content column. I'm going to try to make the content column stretch to accommodate wide content. -- Rocco Caputo - rcap

Re: How to get rid of the delay after the real work is done?

2009-06-19 Thread Rocco Caputo
, I have a POE::Component::Client::HTTP wrapper that avoids the stop/ restart and provides a different API. Experimental, unreleased code, no warranties, same-terms-as-perl, etc.: -- Rocco Caputo - rcap

Re: How to get rid of the delay after the real work is done?

2009-06-19 Thread Rocco Caputo
things to be freed out of order. I wonder why I hadn't seen that when I wrote it... -- Rocco Caputo - On Jun 19, 2009, at 16:08, Michael Lackhoff wrote: On 19.06.2009 18:35 Rocco Caputo wrote: That's probably the keep-alive timer in POE::Component::Client::HTTP. You can

Re: POE site not displayed correctly under IE7

2009-06-14 Thread Rocco Caputo
Change applied, thank you very much. -- Rocco Caputo - On Jun 14, 2009, at 02:00, Tsz Ming WONG wrote: Hello, Now look better, but the whole page is still aligned to the left, rather than center in Firefox/Opera. This is because under quirks mode, the auto margin

Re: Need some help...

2009-06-13 Thread Rocco Caputo
) and with warnings on: 1) poerbook:~% perl -we 'my ($a, $b, $c) = $x[0,1,2];' Multidimensional syntax $x[0,1,2] not supported at -e line 1. Name main::x used only once: possible typo at -e line 1. -- Rocco Caputo - On Jun 13, 2009, at 20:20, Rob Fugina wrote: I've been away from the list

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