Re: [PEDA] Protel 99SE for sale?

2004-02-18 Thread ICT Mail
You just gotta make sure they haven't already used it to upgrade. Leon Fonstin -Original Message- From: Jon Elson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, 19 February 2004 6:05 AM To: Protel EDA Forum Subject: Re: [PEDA] Protel 99SE for sale? Robert Ritchey wrote: Hi, I am looking


2002-02-18 Thread ICT Mail
Jason, just a thought here When you load gerbers back into a blank PCB file, you must remember that for a given layer, all the lands that represent vias and pads etc will be imported as free pads and will take on the design rules specified in your PCB file. Vias are just a D-code for a given

Re: [PEDA] Designators

2001-11-25 Thread ICT Mail
Wayne, Just add the .designator string to whatever layer you want in the component footprint. If you need to move it, or change the font, etc, you will have to unlock primitves to do so. Also be aware that the .designator string is part of the component area so when you move / pick parts and when

Re: [PEDA] Urgent help needed

2001-10-24 Thread ICT Mail
Ian, it's actually pretty easy to loose parts. We recently have had a situation where a group of components have been unknowingly moved into the negative region of the database as part of a move selection process early in the placement stage. It turns out that the syncroniser matches the parts

Re: [PEDA] imported Gerber info missing

2001-10-18 Thread ICT Mail
Ted, try using...PROTEL 2.8(if you have it) I know this is a backward step but we have found that nearly most other CAD/CAM generated gerbers will be able to be read into PROTEL 2.8 (this is so robust and uncaring).just watch out for the resolution ie gerber format that the files were

Re: [PEDA] Placement Rooms

2001-10-03 Thread ICT Mail
*** Todays forums are sponsored by Ian Martin Limited Engineering/Technical Placement Specialists *** I'm hanging out for the day Protel will support Polygon/Circular

Re: [PEDA] via tenting question

2001-09-12 Thread ICT Mail
Ivan, we have found that the best solution is PARTIAL TENTING. ie You need to cover the annular ring with mask but leave the hole free. This allows the via to be flushed of any residual etching chemicals and will still fill if wave soldered. Depending on your fabricator and process allowance,

[PEDA] veribest translator?

2001-05-07 Thread ICT Mail