Ian, it's actually pretty easy to "loose parts".
We recently have had a situation where a group of components have been
unknowingly moved into the negative region of the database as part of a
move selection process early in the placement stage. It turns out that the
syncroniser matches the parts and the pins for the nets....therefore no
missing components.....The netlist exists in the database but the physical
ratsnest does not (I assume the physical ratsnest is only valid for the
database extents). The DRC was 100% ok. It would appear that the DRC makes
the assumption that if there is a valid net but no ratsnest then the net
must be connected. (ie no broken net) (also no clearance errors either)

I would be interested if anyone else has had this problem.
We use SP6, W98

We only found it by noticing an associated text string on the left hand edge
of the database area when zoomed right out.

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On 03:07 PM 24/10/2001 -0700, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:
>At 07:52 AM 10/24/01 +0200, Emanuel Zimmermann wrote:
>>Maybe that the reference point for the .lib part moved for whatever
>>This can cause the component to be placed out of the working area after
>>PCB operation.
>Good thinking.
>Yes, that would do it, and it is not a terribly uncommon error. Move
>Component, clicked onto an empty space, will pull up a list of components,
>which will allow picking the component up. One will be able to tell
>immediately what its extents are when it is being moved. Editing it from
>the panel is another possibility, just change the XY coordinates by adding
>or subtracting appropriate values (remember, Protel will think that the
>component is at the reference position, which in this case will *not* be
>where the primitives are located.

This is exactly why I suggested that the netlist or component report should
be checked or even just use J-C to see if the component is still around
somewhere.  Though I suspect that this is not happening in this case as it
would be pretty hard to loose a large BGA package due to a shift - you
would think you would notice it sitting around somewhere.  The ratsnest
would certainly show something interesting.

Ian Wilson

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